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Vishnumaya direct lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan temple seva manthrikam and astrology service provides kerala mantrik,tantric,kuttichathan pooja karmam at Kuttichathan temple or Vishnumaya kuttichathan temple at kerala which also serves in Karnataka.Devotees may contact us to solve love relationship,solutions for love,divorce problems,husband and wife problems,marriage problems.

Vishnumaya direct’s services include kuttichathan poojas for Love problem solution,Love Relationship Problems and solutions,Husband and wife Court Divorce Cases solutions,Husband-Wife problems,Best Black Magic Removal solutions,Solutions for Business Development,Solutions for selling Land and Property,Financial Problems,Voodoo Doll Removal,Occult Removal,WitchCraft Removal,Solutions to stop Black Magic,Solutions for Bad spell removal,Negative Energy Removal. Call us to discuss more about your personal problems which would be kept highly confidential.

Vishnumaya Vashyam or Vashikaran by law of attraction is most powerful to attract everyone with vishnumaya karmam according to your nakshatra. Call us to know more about your horoscope, astrology, nakshatra and rashi ( sun sign and moon sign) Special poojas are performed on Amavasya and Poornima call us for online bookings too. VishnuMaya regular poojas are performed on Friday | Sunday | Tuesday.We are open from Monday to Sunday from 12 pm till 3 am ( IST ) Start a live chat with us over whatsapp to know more.



VishnuMaya Direct Temple Services and Solutions!

Vishnumaya Direct lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan temple is a service provider from 2006 and it is well known for its best astrology and sorcery services by using the famous deity lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan originated from the part of India.

Vishnumaya Direct lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan temple is famous for its services which provides the best astrology,horoscope,sorcery,solutions for love relationship problems,blackmagic removal,divorce and court cases,husband-wife relationship problems.

Vishnumaya Direct is the professional and official website to seek permanent solutions by performing the best vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and its sub deity’s rituals for one or more time.Devotees may receive solutions from all problems or particular problem which is related to.Therefore we are not related to any other vishnumaya temples neither recommend or guidance are given to other vishnumaya temples which is located in India.

We perform outdoor poojas to remove black magic,ghost removal,witchcraft removal,voodoo doll removal,land problems,business issues every where all over India.Fill our quick contact form online to book your poojas.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to solve my love relationship problem soon?

If you have a love relationship problem maybe it’s because you’re partner is in relationship with someone else or either engaged by someone through the family,so he or she may refuse to follow your love conditionally.We would like to know whether you both are talking each other now.When did you met your partner in the last 15 days.Here at our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan black magic removal temple we provide fast and best permanent solutions for this which can lead your relationship to marriage also as you inform us.

In order to know more you can call us to discuss which would be highly confidential.We will give you the best results sooner.

I am married and in relationship with someone how to go further permanently without any problem?

If you are in to relationship with someone please discuss with us to know about on how long you were in to relationship and whether the relationship is broken or not. It it would be fine if you could contact us over the phone so that we would be clear to solve your problem sooner.

I got married years ago and now we were in to Court and Divorce case now ! How can you help me?

If you both are agreed to divorce you both may file for mutual consent or if your partner is not interested to give you divorce or if he or she is dragging the case for years then we would like to know who filed the case first then on is it Section 13A or Section 13 or DV Domestic Violence.It would be better if you could brief us by calling us so that we could perform some rituals to overcome all these things sooner.

I cannot sleep having negative energy on me is this a cause of Black Magic?

If so we need to find the root cause for the problem from when and where it has started either from family, friend, siblings, or business partners so, please provide your details by calling us we can check the complete problems you may have then we could provide you a powerful pooja for 48 days to get to be solved.

Reasons of Negative Energy….

1 ) Negative energy comes as nightmare only in night

2 ) Always you are scared such someone is following you behind you where ever you go.

3 ) Someone pulls your hair in the night while sleeping then in the morning you can feel the pain that someone pulled it

4 ) You see Snakes or an water flowing somewhere

5 ) You will see a widow in your dream

6 ) A dog without tails follow you

7 ) Your front door someone knocks in the night

8 ) You may hear an unusual sound in the night

9 ) Sudden health issues and health loss

10 ) Fights at home frequently

11 ) Scratches on the body always during black moon days ( Amavasaya days ).

This is also known as affected by Black magic,Sabhas,Doshas and Ghosts ( Predha ) introduction,Which makes you fall sick.

My astrologer said I have some doshas and sabhas but he is not giving me the right solution to solve it.Can you help me?

Yes, Sabhas and Doshas are very different do not mix it equally it comes from fore fathers or from gods ( Devas ) or Predhas ( Asura ) or Sarpa ( Snake – Serpent ) . In order to resolve all these things we need your Naksatra, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Famly history too. Therefore with the help of all these we can help you by providing an effective poojas to resolve them. Call us.

What is Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja in India?

This Bhootha Vishnumaya (Servant) of Lord Shiva is considered to help people from negative energy and bring them prosperity quickly.This occult of worshipping Vishnu Maya, is also known as Kuttichathan seva in local Kerala which is a part of fusing ancient tribal customs into mainstream Brahmin culture of past and hence focusing a lot of extreme tantric occult.Vishnumaya is worshipped by many people to eliminate their enemies and gain wealth and prosperity. This could be done by performing tantric poojas with us. Once Vishnumaya poojas are performed here,you will be blessed in return to eliminate your enemies in highest form of spiritual energy.These Vishnumaya poojas are very unique, as it involves with 200 years of  moola mantras and powerful rituals. Vishnumaya Kuttichathan has a negative sorcery too ( Dhur Mantravadham ) Abhichara Karmam which equally exist invoking devils and negative evil spirits to harm someone or kill someone or to loose their health and wealth etc.

However the regular practices of Vishnumaya kuttichathan priests and tantris associated in Vishnumaya temples in kerala has the the powers to do good and bad by using Vishnumaya kuttichathan .This Vishnumaya Kuttichathan tantric practice is performed by few families in Kerala The Kerala famous Vishnumaya kuttichathan seva temples are mostly based in Thrissur,Kerala where the ancient practices of Vedic Tantric cult is followed here. Visit our website here or call us at 934 562 1452 for more information.

How to get Vishnumaya Black magic moola mantras?

Kaaralapathy Kavu Vishnumaya Direct temple will provide each individual who performs Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva or pooja karma from us.These Vishnumaya Kuttichathan moola mantras are 200 years old and more powerful to see successful results sooner. Feel free to contact us to get these Vishnumaya moola mantras from us.

How to perform Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Pooja if I am out of India?

Yes,you can perform Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja with us by contacting us over the phone or SKYPE.In many ways we can perform these Vishnumaya rituals based on each individual cases according to the issue. SKYPE ID : vishnumayadirect

Which is the best Vishnumaya Kuttichathan temple in Kerala?

There are many Vishnumaya Kuttichathan temple in Kerala which is related to different problems you may solve it. Here at Kaaralapathy Vishnumaya Direct Kuttichathan temple we provide you the best and fast solutions for all problems.We are related to solve love problems,love relationship problems,blackmagic removal,court and divorce cases,financial and business loss.

How Black Moon day ( Amavasya Day ) is more powerful for Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Pooja?

Yes, it is more powerful for everyone to perform Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja karmam during black moon days that is on ammavasaya day.During this day at Kaaralapathy Kavu Vishnumaya Direct temple we invoke several deity that is Vishnumaya Kuttichathan,Naga Yekshis,Maha Kali,Ma Bakalamughi,Mohini and Predhas to solve each individuals cases quickly according to their problems.

How to do Vishnumaya vashyam to attract people?

Vishnumaya vashyam is most powerful to attract people everywhere which includes akarshanam so that this would be permanent to you if you recite the perfect vishnumaya vashya mantra given by us after performing vishnumaya vashyam pooja for 11 days.This vishnumaya vashyam pooja will suit everyone to attract people or to control people whom you want to.

What is the best advice for love relationship problems?

Love relationship is one of the best feelings of life, specially if the person is someone you always wanted to be with you as you wish to be. But at sometimes you may face difficulties to hold the love relationship stronger which may leads to break up between two partner.So here is the best love relationship advices for you that might help you to get your love relationship stronger;

1) Respect your partners family and friends.
2) Always be a good planner with your partner and be a best friend too.
3) Respect your partners thoughts and share your thoughts too.
4) Always spend the best time for your partner and listen always to your partners feelings.
5 ) Never fight for small things which may hurt your partner sometimes.

I have a relationship problem.How to get permanent solutions from here?

If your relationship is more of a crisis than a comfort, you may want to check out to get permanent solutions here is the the right place for you though.We are experts on how to overcome from this relationship issues permanently by performing various types of pooja karmas to get solutions for love relationship problems.

If your sure that your relationship is ended with your partner or no response from your partner,well you never know that impending break-up could turn into a good relationship forever by using our service.

In some cases the love relationship might be very sweetful though you enjoyed a lot being with your partner for years and suddenly your relationship has break-up due to few small reasons which ended with separation for long time which hurts you a lot but we can provide best solutions for this to solve it quicker before you go depressive.

My husband has a relationship with other women how to overcome from this problem?

If you’re husband is already having relationship with another women we would suggest you to communicate with the other women to leave you’re husband and not to come back in you’re life anymore or contact us we would provide you the best solutions by performing vishnumaya and yekshi poojas to resolve your problem soon.

How can I start the Vishnumaya Pooja for my problem?

You can start Vishnumaya Pooja with us based on your issues such as love relationship or divorce marriage problems or any other major issues by contacting us and explaining your problem therefore we will provide you customized step by step instructions which you have to perform it for few days.Check your eligibility to perform Vishnumaya Direct poojas with us by calling us 24/7.

I met a man through a Matrimony website and got married but now I found he is already married.What should I do now?

I believe this must be an arranged marriage through your family members but unfortunately it is atrocious marriage done by your husband with a huge trap either sake of money or lust.This can be solved quickly by performing Vishnumaya Kuttichathan 121 karmam.Feel free to discuss with us further.

I am facing a Divorce issue with my partner how to re-join my partner again?

If you are facing Divorce issue with your partner we would like to know more better whether you or your partner filed for divorce or asking for mutual consent.Neither one or whether the partner filed for Section 13 ,Section 13 A, DV ( Domestic Violence ) or Harassment case or asking for settlement and money maintaining if any of so you may please contact us to solve this issue by providing a powerful solution through our deity Vishnumaya and Sarpa ( Snakes ) God,

What are the reasons for my Divorce?

There are several reasons for divorce according to each individual here I have listed few which may suit you if you could read it here.Well we can overcome with all these problems through our powerful Vishnumaya Kuttichathan karmam 91.


1 ) Living apart from the partner for more than one year

2 ) Adultery ( Cheating Partner )

3 ) Physical or Mental Cruelty

4 ) Partner works abroad

5 ) Abusing partner

6 ) No equal bondage between partners

My wife filed a false Domestic Violence Case Against me with Section 498A and Section 406 on me. How to make my wife to join me again?

If your wife filed for a Domestic Violence ( DV ) and Section 406 and 498 A then she must be looking for a divorce with a money settlement until then she won’t give you Mutual Consent by divorce so be clear what you need exactly.Do you need divorce or to live happily with your wife.If you feel further to discuss with us we can solve your divorce problems as soon as possible according to your wish, Don’t drag the case for more that 2 years then you will be an accused,

I am facing heavy business and finance loss. How to solve it?

Business and Finance loss is normal according to each individual based on their business.Each nakshatras and rasis have a variety of business which they can do permanently so you should know which one you can consider but you might doing the business you own for long term and you can’t shut down, so for business and finance development we a perfect solution to solve it and bring prosperity to you.You may contact us to share your Nakshatra and Rashis to consider.

Which is the best Vishnumaya Temple for black magic removal in Kerala,Thrissur?

Kaaralapathy Kavu shree Vishnumaya Direct temple is the best place to remove black magic or negative energy as soon as possible by performing 48 days of vishnumaya poojas by adding few more deity that is Maha Kali,Brahma rekshus and Naga Yekshis. Our services provide best solutions for all problems.

How to solve my divorce problem by Vishnumaya Kuttichathan black magic removal?

Kaaralapathy Kavu Vishnumaya Direct Kuttichathan Temple provides best solutions for court cases,divorce problems,husband and wife related problems by finding the root cause of your problem through deep analysis once after discussing with you. Each individuals may have various type or reason for divorce but based on our experience we can sought the issue within the time frame of four to eight weeks.

How to perform Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja if I am from Bangalore,Karnataka?

Kaaralapathy Kavu Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple tantric visits every month to Bangalore,Karnataka where you can call the number provided on our website and explain the issues you are facing with the related problems.We will inform you the dates to meet you in person to discuss more.

How to remove Vamachara,Mata mantra,Yantra Karma at Vishnumaya Direct Temple?

Vamachara or Mata Mantra is done by enemies by performing rituals to each individuals to loose their health ,wealth and prosperity which may causes severe side effects to the person who is a victim of this problem may lose their family,friends,husband,wife,job,money and business with immediate effect within 91 days of vamachara karma sorcery.Here at Vishnumaya Direct Kuttichathan temple we provide our best black magic removal or vamachara effects removal quickly with positive results by giving opposite reactions to the enemy.

How to perform Sarpa Naga Pooja for my marriage problem at Vishnumaya Direct Temple?

Kaaralapathy Kavu Vishnumaya Direct temple performs Sarpa ( Naga Pooja ) for people who suffer from marriage issues but it may varies to different individual according to their problems such as…


1 ) No Children after marriage
2 ) Separation or divorce from husband or wife
3 ) Loosing or changing job or moving houses frequently
4 ) Sudden accident or Death at the family by irregular interval
5 ) Health Issues with scratches on body or paralysis suddenly.
Discuss with us for more information.

How to solve my love relationship issue I have a bad experience now?

Each and every love relationship will experience setbacks and challenges, as no relationships can be perfect or stronger than you expect.However, that does not mean the relationship will not survive or no longer continued.There are solutions for love relationship problems with us which gives you a permanent solutions for all problems in love relationship problems.Therefore problems in a love relationship are normal,natural, healthy, and expected part of building a connection with your partner.There are effective techniques through us to develop and manage your present experience and future problems that may arise in the love relationship problems.In order to make your relationship stronger you may perform few vishnumaya poojas to see immediate changes with you and your partner.

How to have an healthy love relationship with my partner?

Falling in love with your partner is easy but staying in love with relationship is always never been stronger due to lack of communication,time,trusting each other and responsibility.Try to be consistent with your partner always and never say malicious things to hurt your partner’s feelings anytime.Here is few things you may follow to keep your love relationship stronger;
1) Always be a better listener to your partner.
2) Communicate your feelings and issues appropriately with your partner.
3) Do not lie or use misleading information with your partner
4) Always be respectful and sensitive to your partner’s concerns and their feelings.
5) Avoid talking to your partner about your previous relationship problems when he or she is angry.

What happens if my wife does not need a divorce?

If you filed the divorce petition and if your wife filed an uncontested response, but won’t sign off on the final divorce papers, some courts in some states may allow the case to proceed as though it’s uncontested.Therefore you may wait to be assigned a court appearance date again.The waiting time for an uncontested divorce will be reduced from two years or less.
If you need a divorce or not, if your wife has indicated that she needs a divorce or not it is better to bring it to the notice to your family members and consult a Lawyer to understand your legal position.

What should I do if my husband has bipolar disorder and depressive?

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior which causes loss of energy thus leads to relationship behavior with the partner in various situations which may lead to divorce or separation.This can be treated medically or through contacting us if its under your control and already if you are in to divorce process or separation.Therefore we can help you to not to get divorce from your husband.

During the depressive stages you may noticed your husband’s behaviour such as;loss of energy and sadness,he may have feelings of hopeless things more and therefore he is actually not enjoying the life as he expected,taking bad decisions,insomnia,always having thoughts of death or suicide,or attempting suicide.

Our Client Reviews

Review 57

I am helpless from all my relatives and my husband because of divorce problem which was running for 3 years therefore I tried many poojas and rituals at kerala and bangalore no one could help me to solve at all. I got this number from youtube then I called here he was very kind to listen all my problems then he fixed me a date to start the rituals it was really amazing the very first day it self my daughter came to meet me through my mother in law I was very excited thenon in the other month the cas got canceled by my husband and his family I am happy to say that vishnumaya and yekshi poojas are really powerful though I am happy today with my family after a long time.Thank you so much for all best strong efforts sir.



Review 56

This is the best place to do black magic removal because they say what they do I had a good experience by contacting vishnumaya direct its good for people coming with all negative energy they solve it quickly .good poojas thank you.Vishwanath



Review 55

I use to call them many times they wont answer but when we leave a message on whatsapp they will call us soon.According to some other places were I went they wasted my time but here they are really super I said what I need it they performed few Yekshi poojas form me also they asked me to do some pooas here I did also but then I got my love problem got cleared in 4 weeks really its good to know about the black magic poojas and the powerful god vishnumaya too.Thank you sir for making me happy.

Uma Sounder


Review 54

I am Purnima from bangalore this website helped me a lot to bring my love relationship in 2 months its the perfect one I found on the internet their poojas are very strong.Good work anyone can approach this website for successful things in life.Complete Vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and powerful too.



Review 53

Hi I am Mamatha I have tried many things but no use I contacted a Vishnu Maya black magic tantric at 9123568105 for solving my love problems he solved it quickly. If you have problems in love you can call them for good results.

Mamatha Gowda


Review 52

This is a friendly website which I never seen before by performing vishnumaya pooja therefore they took my love relationship problem very personal and gave me the best solutions.I can see all positive things in my life after contacting this website my life is getting more brighter in my career and in my family life.Good website for love relationship and finance problems.by Venkat



Review 51

I am more happy to say that this website is a very professional they took all my problems personally related to love relationship ,house,family,business and health in one shot.They solved my problems one by one each week now I am totally fine here.Anyway I am writing this because I too had a chance to submit my review to his website because a true person with heavy volume of cosmic powers requested me to do so.If you people having any of the problems in life you can contact this website for good purpose and fortune.Thank you so much….

Vinitha Chandrasekhar


Review 50

Hi This is Ankit from Mumbai you took lot of time for my work to get complete it you said it will take 6 weeks but it took 7 weeks okay but I got my girlfriend back in to my new life again I am happy now Thank you.

Ankit Patel


Review 49

I am Midhun from Kerala,India settled In London as a business man.Once I have got separated from my wife in India I was waiting to join her for the past 10 years but even she did not filed any divorce case on me though.I don’t believe in astrology atall. One day my friend suggested me to contact you I did the same as he said therefore I explained my problems with you sir which you took my work very personal and completed it in 2 months.I got my wife back from India after the separation of 10 years.It’s really amazing which you did for my family by performing some parihara poojas and yagas with Vishnumaya god and Bagalamukhi god.Thanks for the huge support. I will be contacting you always through the Skype as we for the pooja or I will email you if I need any help from you.Good Luck!



Review 48

Sorry I called you many times everyday which disturbed you a lot more.Thank you for  bringing my girlfriend back in to relationship again, so that we can marry soon in next couple of months.Our both the parents accepted for our marriage.The other guy who was in relationship with my girl friend also completely gone.Anyway thank you for being honest always by helping me at all my situations.Sorry if I messed you by calling you many times everyday.But it took 6 weeks to bring my girlfriend back because I was expecting it in 10 days.

Vinoth Kumar


Review 47

I have been to India several times to VishnuMaya temple I could not see any solutions from them but then I was told by my aunt to contact this website because she saw some reviews from Australian people from here.Though I live in Australia I tried it here to solve my husbands relationship issue which he had with a women for years which I found and argued which lead to divorce and separation.Here at this website they are analysing a lot about our birth star and marriage dates and time finally they come with solution to solve it soon same way they did it for me .I have solved the whole problem in 5 weeks and now I am happy with my husband without any issues.Thank you Vishnumaya and Vishnumaya Direct.

Aparna Roy


Review 46

I am Momina from Australia after the death of my husband I moved to Australia with my children then I got married again to an Australian the life was going good for 2 years further on my second husband had a relationship with another women so I went in to depression because I was worried about my second marriage life and my children future I can’t settle in India again alone so I tried and trusted in mystical powers which can give me the right solution for my problem so I visited this website which I found it was very helpful for me.Well I contacted this website with a small hope therefore this website was helpful.They cleared my life problems,Job,My children education,House in Australia ,My husband’s problem everything in short period of time.Very very nice and very helpful.

Momina Mehar


Review 45

Am from mumbai I work for a an IT Concern for 7 years now.I got in to relationship with one person at the same company were I work now but my love was broken from him for more than a year he was not talking to me nor messaging or calling me at all. Actually we planned to get married in 2018 but after that our relationship was separated he refused our marriage but my family accepted for our marriage.I did all type of aghori poojas with huge loss of money from astrologers and babaji’s who promised me that they can solve my problem in 3 days or 24 hours but it was waste of money.I visited this website on youtube found some reviews which was equal to my problem then I contacted this website to solve my problem.The payment was very less for me to perform their poojas which I performed here.I explained about my problem they got my problem cleared in 4 weeks I got married here to the same boyfriend and we are happy now working in the same office thank u so much for the great help .please help others too.Good work



Review 44

Hello I am from bangalore living in banaswadi with my husband and family now after solving my divorce problem from long time which I was suffering.First of all thank you sir for solving my divorce problem from my husband after 5 years of separation.I joined my husband back last year after the case was closed by my husband then he joined me again.Though he had an affair with another lady for long term relationship you made that lady to go out from our life,that was a great effort by your pooja I like the way you speak and understandable.I kept a big hope on you and your vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas its really great that I won all the situations.Myself and my children are happy today because of your supernatural powers through vishnumaya. Once if you visit bangalore please contact me.Thank you so much.Dr.Usha

Dr.Usha Gowda


Review 43

Hello I am from Kerala settled in dubai with my family for 15 years then I lost my job and home since 2017 here at dubai with no hope.I struggled a lot to run my family because I lost my savings in investing in to a new business.I was unable to return to home at Kerala with my family but the final moment I was referred to this website by my friend in kerala I contacted them for my future and my family’s future they helped me providing some powerful vishnumaya mantras and 51 Karmams I completed the tasks in 41 days as they said.Now I feel I am happy and fully satisfied with my life.They lifted my business with huge profits now I am growing day by day happy with busy business hours .If anyone is under trouble here in dubai like me like I suffered you can contact this website.Thank you.



Review 42

Hi,There are lots of Vishnumaya Temples in kerala I went everywhere but no use they are just a temple were we can pray and come same like normal temples.I approached the real vishnumaya kuttichathan seva at this website who is famous in Bangalore and Kerala in which they performed me a nice pooja to me and my boyfriend to get married soon.The great website anyone can contact them at 9123568105.The bad is I was in love with my boyfriend over 5 years but in between my boyfriend’s attitude got changed and he left me and joined with another girl with love so he ignored to marry me and blocked me everywhere.The good thing was I found this website finally after I saw some reviews on youtube I contacted them they helped me a lot in good tantric poojas now I am married and settled with my husband in good terms.Thank you so much for helping me from this problem.Thank you a lot and lot sir.Sujitha Krishnan



Review 41

Happy to say this website is awesome to solve love and marriage related problems very nice to have these type of gurus and vishnumaya gods to help people fromm hard situations in human life.I am from India settled in Australia with my husband here from 2015 in mean time we had quarrels between us then got separated for 2 years .I approached many astrologers all over India but there is no point in talking to them over the phone from here. I was in to a big depression with this matter always so I got in touch with this website then they asked me to perform some poojas at home for 41 days which I did then I found everything was helpful from this website.Anyway I got my husband back without any trouble now we are happy together blessed with another kid.Dipti Aravindan.Thank you



Review 40

My name is Lekshmi nair I work for an IT company myself and my husband had too much of egoistic problems whereas it ended to divorce in the court but the case was not finalized actually myself and my husband was a love marriage my mother in law created a huge mess between us since 7 years we struggled a lot with family,job and social life with my kids.Actually I trust in god and used to visit many temples to get a correct solution for our life then I came across this website vishnumaya direct I spoke to them on the number they took my details and looked forward to help me to get it solved but it took three months anyway it went smoothly by performing some vazipad and poojas with vishnumaya direct and they solved my problem now we are living together happy.Thanks.



Review 39

I am from Andhra Pradesh myself and my boy friend were in to living together relationship for almost 5 years but we got separated for 1 year and no further contacts from him for long time,Therefore I wanted to marry him because my family knows about my boyfriend so I tried it in spritualway with vishnumaya direct they helped me to get married to my boyfriend in 3 months after doing some vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas for me also I have done some Karmam too.Today actually I am living happy because of the poojas done here.I won’t forget this ever in my life.Thanks.

Reshmi Rao

Andhra Pradesh

Review 38

It’s a very responsible website to solve the relationship problems because I tried to get my divorce withdrawn from my husband from long time even my lawyer is helpful he also dragged the court case for 3 years then I was recommended by my friend to approach this website to solve the issues by performing vishnumaya poojas. I am very excited after 3 years my husband spoke to me over the phone after performing 91 vishnumaya karmam at vishnumaya direct in 2 weeks then on he said he is going to with draw the case and live together.Therefore we met again we withdrawn the case now we are living in bangalore with my kids happy.Thank you for giving me a new life again.I would suggest everyone.Thank you vishnumaya and Nagaraja swami. Rehana,Bangalore.



Review 37

Thanks for your help by bringing my boy friend back after 2 years separation.I believe that vishnumaya temple and the karmas which they perform is helping lots of people through their lost life.I would recommend anyone to contact this website for love relationship issues and many more. Thank you a lot. kalpana.

Kalpana Gowda

Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 36

I was having divorce problem which no one solved it even my lawyer I went to many temples to solve it but it took 2. 1/2 years very soon I was searching for immediate solution for this I came across this website read all the reviews as everyone did I also contacted them they are not doing poojas for commercial purpose nor giving any advertisements too very easily they handled my case and now in three months they got my divorce certificate by mutual consent from my wife now I am free from all. Thank you again.Vishnumaya Swami thank s for everything.

Sunil Kumar

Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 35

This is Vinodini I have been trying poojas for my relationship issues at many places but there was no use I wasted one year on this then I got a reference from my fried to contact this website I spoke to them and explained after trying multiple poojas they solved it in few weeks thanks for help. It was a nice experience here I had with this website.I got by boy friend soon in few weeks .Please visit me in bangalore when you come here.Thank you.


Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 34

All Vishnumaya temples are fake and just a show off according to me,when I visited from New york to India because I was born there I married a US women and went in to final divorce when even she had relationship with another man I had tried many things through poojas in India its waste of time for me. How many flight tickets I spent to india but the real I found for divorce issue was vishnumaya direct I got my wife back very seriously they asked me to put a comment after three months on his website now i am doing so myself and my wife are happy now we are living together.Therefore I am so excited after 3 years of my broken marriage. Thank you. Vishnumaya the great of all. My good wishes to all. Skype them at vishnumayadirect or call them.Thanks very much appreciated !

Vijay Anandan

Brooklyn,New York

Review 33

Hola, señor. He intentado muchas cosas en la India y aquí en California, pero el matrimonio de mi esposo fue 3 y el mío es 4 Traté de mantener esta relación matrimonial final muy fuerte por el bien de mis hijos, pero usted es el hombre que hizo todo lo que fue bueno para mí. Pensé en volver a México con todas mis preocupaciones. No sé qué hizo ahora. Todos mis problemas están resueltos. Mi esposo está de vuelta. Ahora todos estamos invitándolos a América. Visítenos. Muchas gracias, señor. adiós Julia

Julia Gonzalez

California,United States

Review 32

Hi This is unexpected I was wandering how you could do it possible I never trusted at all but I did everything which you said till yesterday. I got the court case ended today I won the case. Thank you for all your efforts and and being good always.Vishnumaya and Kali the great powers of mystic they helped me a lot and expecting more too.I will be getting married soon after that as I promised I will meet you. My business is growing superb day by day I am going to start a new project after your advice ok the link which you provided I am posting it now whether it is reflecting on your website I dont know anyway very good very good. Anyone who visits this website with any problems call their number they will help you a lot don’t spend time on some temples at kerala its just a show off thats it. Good services.Thank you once again.Malini Mumbai



Review 31

This Vishnumaya direct website is only for people who is dedicated like me to pray, chant mantras, doing karmas and following instructions properly and blindly. I would give you 5 stars here because you got my divorce problem solved therefore brought my boy friend in to the same relationship which I expected thanks for that. Before that I use to go here and there in bangalore all areas to find a solution but this website made it happen.Thank you for your blessings.I am really really happy to do more vishnumaya poojas if required in future I know its not required because you did a lot to me.Anyway 5 stars ok. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sugandha from bangalore.



Review 30

They made my problem solved in one month of a november 2018 a very positive experience which I have ever seen in my life after losing all my hope when my girlfriend broke up our relationship and went away from me since 2017 from there I started doing poojas at temples and contacted in India with many gurus but there was no use of it. Thenon I got a very busy website from vishnumaya temple they asked me to visit their website thereafter I saw a good professionalism with them I started working with them by doing sangalpa , mantras,poojas but fortunately I am very lucky I got my girlfriend back asking me excuses to re-join with me to get married from now on vishnumaya will be our deity too.Therefore the tantric madathipathi is very genius with all type of good attitude with spirituality and very kind in helping people like us.When I spoke to them seriously they did my work sincerely.Thank you for all your support for sure after our marriage we will meet you in India soon. Vishnumaya god is effective and fast.Narendra Kumar.From malaysia.

Narendra Kumar


Review 29

My friend introduced me to this website i was having problem with divorce for 2 years which i was unable t tolerate my in laws family i never had an answer on how to overcome this problem and join my husband and live with him together but this person told me if you are good enough sure on what myself doing and what i need exactly so i was little confused i spoke to them correctly only one time and discussed my issues they said i will get my family life very shortly i performed few poojas in temple which they asked me to do it i did it correctly and followed their god vishnumaya kuttichathan and maha kahali.Soon.as quick i got a call from my lawyer for discussion to withdraw the case after few weeks of performing this poojas i am so glad i never met an accident in this website they did what i need. I joined my husband now last week thank you so much for joining us again after 3 years of broken married life.Its waste searching matrimony and no more new relationship. Happy New Year 2019 to all and you.thank you.Best wishes for your good services.

Sumithra Devaraj


Review 28

Hi I am Sandhya thank you I got my husband back after completing the court divorce case which was applied by my husband I was not sure after doing vishnumaya pooja with you too but as you said this case ended up and my husband joined back to me I am so happy after three years.Thank you for all your support and poojas you did for us.We will meet you soon. Best of luck for all the people who are having problems.Vishnumaya a true god with spiritual powers. Sandhya, Bangalore.

Sandhya Suresh Karthigeyan


Review 27

Hi, First of all I thank you and vishnumaya kuttichathan swami to choose my work I appreciate that and was afraid that before starting my pooja you said you will do only selective poojas if it is possible through your capacity limits but after you confirmed that you can do my job I felt more happy on this. Therefore you had given me a successful results I got my divorce back after I suffered a lot in 2 years My relationship is also went successful both our parents agreed for our marriage now.My boy friend blocked me everywhere while my divorce was going in court and he broke up with me for almost 1 year thank you for bringing him back to me and also my boyfriend family accepted for our marriage now. We are getting married in next 2 months .Thank you for all your poojas and best support as a brother.I am always will be dedicated to Vishnumaya god all through my life. Roopa.Bangalore.


R T Nagar,Bangalore

Review 26

This website has literally given me a life  by making me financially settled. Me and my husband have a good job and are settled because of this website.They not only helped me in becoming financially settled but also helped me overcome ill health.They are friendly and very cooperative and guides through every step .They are is so good at their job that you don’t have to explain your problems in detail.They will understand the complete problem by just listening to it in short. They also helped my brother settle in his life. I just can’t thank this website enough and more for everything they helped me with. Much respect for them and this website. Kaunain, Bangalore.



Review 25

Thank you for solving my relationship problem which I had with my girl friend for the past 2 years she broke up and went.I convinced her many times but what all I tried which ended with fight with us.After viewing your website I was reading all testimonials then I contacted you without hope at all because I tried these type of poojas in many places but no use of it. Quickly you solved our relationship problem in 7 weeks which I performed all the karmas which you taught me I never left hope on this problem after I started talking to you.Anyway you solved it.Really  its a great work which you did for me.I wont forget you in my life swamy we are now talking about marriage this is what I was expecting from my girl friend now everything got settled.I will donate to your temple too soon once am married ok.Thanks for all your commitment on my work. Vinay Kumar.Dubai

Vinay Kumar


Review 24

Call 9123568105 or visit their website at www.vishnumayadirect.com because I got help from here as I was married for 14 years my husband had relationship with another women then he left me and stayed with that lady for two years and filed a divorce case against on me  I stayed alone with my kids by attending the court for 3 years though my profession is a doctor I was unable to do take over every month in the court i never found any solution and was struggling with my kid, court and my job. I have been to kerala many times I did all type of poojas to solve my issue but there was no use on it simply wasted 1 year in that then I come across through this website vishnumaya direct my friend introduced me.I read this website and discussed my issue with them I don’t know how they do all such type of work but quickly in 5 weeks my husband joined me he left his lady relationship, case also he dropped it everything happened like a miracle to me in my life. Now i am living happy with my husband my kids so far 3 months over no issues in between us my job is going well too.Vishnumaya Direct website is great and the powers of Vishnumaya and Bakalmughi and snake poojas they perform is great.Thank you very much for solving all my issues.They are helping many people and saving their lives keeping up their profession its good for everyone who comes with problem like me. The way they speak and kindness is smooth and it gives me positive energy all the time whenever I speak to them.Thank you so much vishnumaya direct. Dr.Brinda,Bangalore.



Review 23

This is the right place which I found to solve my relationship issues with my boy friend and solved my business financial problems too.I had went to many places to do all poojas but there is no use of it.Including all vishnumaya temples too.Here at vishnumaya direct they solved it in 3 months after performing too many works with them which was genuine.I would strongly recommend this website to all and I am always dedicated to Vishnumaya swami and Sarpa god.Since I had my issues ruining me for 4 years but they solved it as I expected.Thank you for all your help and support by Sakunthala Bangalore. Sakunthala Banaswadi,Bangalore.



Review 22

Hi, I’m Maheswari from Bangalore. I had been married for more than two years but din have kid, tried many treatments and was having very bad time for past two years.I contacted this website and within three months all my problems got solved and Sree Vishnumaya has blessed me with twins this year… My heart felt gratitude to this website… Thank you so much sir…


Malleswaram, Bangalore

Review 21

Performance wise very good I did not expect this much of powerful skills with vishnumaya god.I thought it will affect me in future and I was scared too but after taking to you I understood the karmas and poojas with vishnumaya.I started building my house after several years. My husband joined back with me all its because of unexpected poojas and I see complete growth in my textile shop.Business is so far going very good.I did all the mantras and karmas as you instructed.Thank you for all your kind help and good attitude.Convey my regards to your wife and kids.We will meet you again once I complete my building work you should do pooja for new house and open it also.Respectfully your sister Amritha Padmanaban.

Amritha Padmanaban


Review 20

Very good poojas and service thanks for solving my divorce problem my business is also improved.Good work.hope vishnumaya swami will help us and guide through good way.thank you sir.Ohm shree vishnumaye namah. Ohm Kali Maha Kali Bhadra Kali Mashana kali Namasthuthey.

Sujitha Mohan Dass


Review 19

Excellent service by vishnumaya poojas and the tantric’s.Great work.I would appreciate by giving me a right solutions after trying for two years in all vishnumaya temples.All are commercial I understood but after I met you you look simple and very honest.I did not expect that you can solve my relationship problem.Its completely solved only thing you don’t attend my phone calls because I used to call you everyday anyway nice work sir.thanks a lot for providing me a good solution for my relationship problem.Thanks.I will recommend your website to all my friends too.


Dr Sudar

Review 18

Though I am a doctor I don’t believe in all these black magic or attracting some people by vashikarna or poojas.This website made me to believe all these things when my wife left me and went for divorce were I struggled a lot with lawyers and court for 3 years. My friend gave your number to contact you sorry I spoke to you very harsh in the starting please don’t keep anything on the mind as you said the case will be automatically withdrawn  in 4 months by my wife and you said she will come back automatically same thing happened here I did 91 karmas with you.I am very much happy now with my wife and my kids. Sorry I use to call you everyday to check whether you are doing my pooja or not it was my curiosity and tension.Please don’t mind at all. I will be always on your side will inform you about more work about my property issues in next 2 months Thanks for the help.Posted on the link which you gave me thanks


Anantha raman

Review 17

Very nice to meet you sir on this link you provided to post to share my thouths.It was a great experience with vishnumaya god and the 51 karma which you had performed for me and my girl friend to bring her back to me for relationship again after we broke up for 2 years now.You asked me to wait for 4 weeks after performing raja vashikarna for me and for my girl friend now she is under full control with me. If everything goes well as you said for 3 months we plan to get married soon.Thanks for your heart touching poojas and mantras you helped me a lot I am out of depression now. I will inform my friends to contact you. Please inform if anything else has to be done more. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Anantha Raman

Sujatha Rama

Review 16

Sorry sir I called you many times and disturbed you because of my previous experience which I did with other people for the poojas please don”t mistake me.You have shared a link 2 weeks before to post a comment on that I am posting now.Thanks very much sir I was trying for past one year since my engagement happened and finally my marriage was stopped after tried many poojas with some people no one helped me.Now I got my engagement fixed again on this diwali day with the same person without any problems. Also now my marriage got fixed with the same person for this december month we already booked the hall too.thank you for your kindness and good attitude by helping people me by performing vishnumaya poojas and bagalamukhi poojas.I  am happy now. Please call me after seeing this message I am also sending this message on your whatsapp too.If any poojas has to be done please let me know my dad is ready to do that.Thank you sir.Bless me and my family.

Sujatha Ramakrishnan


Review 15

Really great service since you requested me to send the feedback for your website testimonials I am doing so now. I have been to many places in kerala to perform some poojas to bring my husband back so far I was trying these things for 3 years but no changes in my life I was put down to earth including my family members and inlaw too then my friend suggested me to contact you for all type of any personal problems after talking to you i came out of all my issues and got my husband back in few weeks.one more week I have to complete my pooja so far 5 weeks over.thanks and I recommend your website to all my friends.Friends if you have any problems call this website for help.True service appreciated.

Rajeswari Nagaraj


Review 14

Tried many things to get my girlfriend in to my relationship we were in relationship for 1 year after that she left me and got married then she got divorce in 8 months but again she called to to meet but it was not for relationship.I had tried many blackmagic work then i found the youtube video with the title best love problem solution in bangalore i called their number they solved it and i got it married with her.but it took 2 months to completely get solved.thank you for poojas and hard work to get my wife back.happy now vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple.


Mysore, Karnataka

Review 13

I would strongly recommend www.vishnumayadirect.com at 9123568105 for people who is looking for good things permanently to be solved by vishnumaya kuttichathan temple poojas .I solved my problem here after visiting many places all over bangalore even in kollegal too but this website I contacted I discussed my relationship issues he asked me 18 days to solve it but before that everything got solved my boy friends parents accepted for our marriage after 3 years now will be married soon by end of this year. Good vishnumaya poojas and very good website with more knowledge. Call them don’t look for some local pandits or astrologer they cant do anything only they will look for money no solution at all.

Geetha, Mumbai

Dr, dilip

Review 12

Even I tried many poojas to get my girl friend relationship by contacting many places everything was waste then I found this video on the youtube there I saw a comment about this website vishnumaya direct i called the number displayed 9123568105 that person was very soft he listens to everything which i was telling him.He asked me to do some poojas then he also did it for 21 days i got a sudden effect after doing this vishnumaya kuttichathan pooja i got my girlfriend back now we both are working in same hospital.thank you vishnumaya

Dr.Dilip kumar, Bangalore

Jaya Mathesh

Review 11

Hi I am Jayalakshmi after trying many poojas and visiting many temples my problem was not solved.My Boy friend blocked my number to we were in relationship for more than 7 years then I found this website vishnumayadirect to contact then I spoke to them on the number provided on website.They performed my vishnumaya pooja 21 karma and asked me to perform some ppojas at home I followed them after few days I got contact from my boyfriend and now my whole problem is solved .Thank you for vishnumaya pooja help.solved my issue in one week thanks for the help.Don’t waste time for babajis like i did.Contact this website or call this number 9123568105.They will help people like us.Good services.

Jaya Mathesh, Bangalore

Murali Krishna

Review 10

Murali from bangalore I was running a travel agency with my partners for 6 years they cheated me then I became a taxi driver to an iT company I can’t help my family I got depressed with all my problems then I found this website. They asked me to do some vishnumaya karma I did they gave me 41 days time i was waiting then i can see a growth one man helped me with finance i brought a car now again i am in to my own business with blessings of vishnumaya swami and my guruji .thanks to you sir.

MuraliKrishna, Rajaji nagar, bangalore.

Asha Nair

Review 9

Am Asha from dubai I had a relationship problem with my boyfriend here we were living togeter but he left me i dont know what to do to solve it blindly i got this website searching for best vishnu maya person.They are great within 7 days as a challenge he came back to me i am happy with vishnumaya pooja and helpful website.

Asha Nair, Dubai

Murali Gowda

Review 8

I got married in 2016 after few months my wife left me and applied for divorce from her parents home but I was unable to solve it because I work on night shifts can’t concentrate on job too my mother found all pandits i lost the money then i come to know through my friend about vishnmaya pooja. i went even in kerala i lost money but i searched in the internet for best vishnu maya pandit in bangalore i found this website after suffering from 2 years they solved it in 2 months myself and my friends appreciate them because on their busy schedule the received my call and helped me to get it solved. next year new marriage.thank god vishnu chathan.

Murali Gowda, Bangalore, Electronic city.

Vishnumaya Direct is a service provider by performing vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and other deity’s poojas for each individuals to solve their personal problems more effective stronger and sooner. Each cases may vary according to their own problems so timings may delay from each others.Please consider our website and talk to us for for clarification.Vishnumaya Kuttichathan poojas and services are cost effective and its often more challenging for us to complete it sooner with risk ful work.There are most successful clients have given us five star reviews you may check this on our vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple website please read and gain knowledge from there and start your work with us with full satisfaction and get good results soon.

When you show that you genuinely care about your personal needs and to be solved soon then this would be the right place to start your rituals with full satisfaction to get more effective and stronger results soon.Therefore we can help you with more than a great solution, in which you will win the loved one’s hearts and their thoughts sooner. For more information you may visit our websites at https://www.vishnumayadirect.com

Vishnumaya Direct is an official and professional website from Vishnumaya Kuttichathan temple kerala which is known famous to solve Love Relationship Problems and Divorce Problems by performing vishnumaya black magic removal poojas by well practiced tantric’s at Kerala and Bangalore,Karnataka.Devotees can directly visit or call us to discuss more about the problems which you may have now..

Happy to Help!
If nothing works from you please feel free to contact us to help you if you face any issues or get stuck trying something.

We will gladly respond within a few hours of your message or phone calls max.Guaranteed results! 🙂 Use the QUICK CONTACT form above.

Vishnumaya pooja is performed mainly in the part of Kerala,India to gain mystical powers and solutions for all problems in each individuals life.

Therefore vishnumaya pooja is performed along with its sub-deity’s which is Naga yekshi.Ma Kali,Gendervan and Brahma reksus at our Vishnumaya direct Kaaralapathy Kavu vishnumay temple to solve love related problems,divorce and court cases,black magic removal,occult removal,voodoo doll removal,sarpa sabha removal,pitru dosha removal.

Devotees may get permanent solutions by performing continuous pooja karma for 3 to 6 fridays with us.Solutions may vary according to each individuals problems.

Relationship problems has many causes and effects of getting divorce. Nowadays 50 to 70 percent of all first-time marriages may end in divorce. Although the reason for divorce may vary according to each individuals.Vishnumaya Direct helps clients resolve their marital issues for a better living with its vishnumaya super natural powers.Reason for divorce may include;

Physical pressure or Mental pressure
Jobless Spouse
Intimacy issues
Illegal relationships
Family members involvement
Cause of black magic

Increasing pressure from a married couple and the inability of couple to fix through their problems makes them very difficult to prevent from divorce. Moreover, couples has to find the root cause of the problem and main reason for separation or divorce.Married couple have to find the relationship issues for all common problems occurred in their life rather taking an open decision of divorce.
There are many ways for couple to find a solution for marriage and divorce problems. However, getting divorce never makes a good reason for an healthy married life which may affects your spouse, loved one’s and also includes their children future too which may affect their children behavior and all sort of psychological problems with their children.Therefore this website provides you one of its best solutions for divorce and love relationship problems too.

Get your love relationship back with best love solutions problems at vishnumaya direct temple as quicker to re gain a healthy love relationship with your partner. Love life may have several reasons for break-up which doesn’t feel like making love with your partner anymore.

Is it because you are really angry with your partner and don’t want to make love with your partner? Do you forget how much something really matters to you when you don’t stand to lose your love it usually takes losing something to realize its importance and value.If you are wondering what is the big problems in love relationship are, and how you can do to overcome from it? Yes,there is a permanent solution for love solutions with us through vishnumaya pooja karma which gives you more benefits in your family live.

The best and quicker solutions for love solutions with us made easy for you so, you will see how easy it can eliminate all the frustrations you experienced in love relationship with your partner.

Vishnumaya vashyam or vashikaran is most powerful to attract people everywhere which includes akarshanam so that this would be permanent to you if you recite the perfect vishnumaya vashyam mantra given by us after performing vishnumaya vashyam pooja for 11 days.

This vishnumaya vashyam or vashikaran pooja will suit everyone to attract people or to control people whom you want to.

Vishnumaya Vashyam are of 5 types which we need to know the person Nakshatra or Rashi.Therefore we provide the best vishnumaya vashyam or vashikaran karma and moola mantras to attract people by akarshanam with effective mystical powers.

VishnuMaya Kuttichathan Temple Services and Solutions!  Solutions for Divorce and Love Relationship Problems

  • Love Problems
  • Divorce / Court Cases
  • Love Relationship Problems
  • Husband Wife Issues
  • Land / House Problems
  • Sathru Karmam
  • VishnuMaya Kuttichathan 21 Karmam
  • Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan 51 Karmam
  • Narayana Bali
  • Bagalamukhi Pooja
  • Durga Pournami Karmam
  • Voodoo Removal
  • Witch Craft Removal
  • Bairavi Chakara Homam
  • Bramha Reksus Pooja
  • Yekshi Karmam
  • Sarpa Samskara
  • Sarpa Bali
  • Ashlesha Bali
  • Thristathu Vilakku Pooja
  • Preda Samskara
  • Pitru Tarpanam
  • Tilak Homam
  • Black Magic Removal
  • Bhagya Sooktham Archana
  • Abichara Karmam
  • Trikaala Vilakku Pooja
  • Maya Mohini Karmam
  • Mandogini Karmam
  • Aatma Vashyam
  • Asta Karma Stambanam
  • Ashwaroodam Karmam
  • Tripura Karmam
  • Saktheyavellattu Karmam
  • Akarsana Karmam
  • Vashikara Karmam
  • Kadumpayasam to Vishnu
  • kalasam Karmam
  • Sakteya Pushpanjali
  • Aatma Reksha Karmam
  • Sagala Siddhi Karmam
  • Guruthi Puspanjali
  • Sagala Baatha Karmam
  • Vellattu karmam
  • Brahma vellattu Karmam
  • Amavasaya Pooja
  • Veyli Ottu Karmam
  • Ghee Payasam
  • Sudarshana Pooja
  • Bhagavathy Kaali Seva
  • Sathru Samhara Pushpanjali
  • Alankara Puspanjali karmam
  • Chathan ottu
  • Cock Offering Karmam
  • Ilaneer Guruthi

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About VishnuMaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala Bangalore Karnataka!

In India Kerala has an extensive Tantric practices in Thrissur and this tantric practice is followed for many years which includes few deity that is Vishnumaya Kuttichathan,Nagas ( Serpent ) Kali,Ma Bagalamukhi, Yekshis, Gendarvan etc.Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva tantric practices has both good and bad which could be involving positive and negative energy forces which includes divine powers and evil powerstoo.Vishnumaya Kuttichathan is a famous deity in Kerala,India. It is the positive energy of Lord Vishnu, manifested through a feminine form which has the full mystic power and energy of illusions. Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan from Kerala is also known for its sorcery and illusions or to remove black magic and help people with its positive energy.This Bhootha Vishnumaya (Servant) of Lord Shiva is considered to help people from negative energy and bring them prosperity quickly.This occult of worshipping Vishnu Maya, is also known as Kuttichathan seva in local Kerala which is a part of fusing ancient tribal customs into mainstream Brahmin culture of past and hence focusing a lot of extreme tantric occult.Vishnumaya is worshipped by many people to eliminate their enemies and gain wealth and prosperity. This could be done by performing tantric poojas with us. Once Vishnumaya poojas are performed here,you will be blessed in return to eliminate your enemies in highest form of spiritual energy.These Vishnumaya poojas are very unique, as it involves with 200 years of  moola mantras and powerful rituals. Vishnumaya Kuttichathan has a negative sorcery too ( Dhur Mantravadham ) Abhichara Karmam which equally exist invoking devils and negative evil spirits to harm someone or kill someone or to loose their health and wealth etc. However the regular practices of Vishnumaya kuttichathan priests and tantris associated in Vishnumaya temples in kerala has the the powers to do good and bad by using Vishnumaya kuttichathan .This Vishnumaya Kuttichathan tantric practice is performed by few families in Kerala The Kerala famous Vishnumaya kuttichathan seva temples are mostly based in Thrissur,Kerala where the ancient practices of Vedic Tantric cult is followed here. Visit our website here or call us at 934 562 1452 for more information.

The story about Vishnumaya direct kuttichathan origin and his mystical powers are based on Vedic Hindu mythology that Lord Shiva while went for an hunt happened to hear a voice in the jungle there he was said to be surprised to find that the voice belongs to a tribal girl, who was known as Kulivaka.Lord shiva found this girl was beautiful then on he decided to communicate with her but since lord shiva was on his way for hunt so he made this girl to stay for a while in the forest until he return.Once Koolivaka thinks about her deity Parvati she realized that mating with lord shiva would bring forth the wrath of the goddess upon her; but she feared the wrath of Shiva also in case she refused him. She prayed to her Goddess parvathi devi to save her from the predicament. Parvati devi pleased with her innocence prayer and appeared before her and revealed her true identity. In her previous birth Kulivaka was Manaswini, a servant in the retinue of Parvati. One day she happened to breast-feed lord Ganesha who was a baby at that time. Parvati devi didn’t appreciate the fact of a servant breast-feeding her baby. She cursed Manaswini that she would be born in a chandala (outcaste) family. When Parvati’s anger subdued, she took pity on Manaswini then Devi Parvati blessed her that although she has born as a chandala she would get the opportunity to breast-feed the son of Lord Shiva.Devi disclosed that it was the preordained fate that made possible her meeting with Lord Shiva and his passion for Koolivaka. She told the girl that she herself would take on the form of Koolivaka and deceive the Lord Shiva. She also informed Koolivaka that the son born from such a union would be the killer of Jalandhara, a powerful Asura. Thus revealing the course of fate, she sent the innocent girl away.

Koolivaka started swinging on a creeper attached to a tree and awaited for the arrival of Lord Shiva. Lord Sree VishnuMaya direct kuttiChathan child with mystical power was born within their union. Lord Shiva arranged a buffalo for the protection of his child vishnumaya kuttichathan at Kerala.. This child vishnumaya kuttichathan who came to be known as Vishnumaya Kuttichathan was given to Koolivaka for rearing. Thereafter Koolivaka thus becomes the mother of vishnumaya direct kuttiChathan, son of Lord Shiva fulfilling the wish of Parvati devi.

Vishnu Maya KuttiChathan lived with his mother Koolivaka for about seven years. The tribals loved the boy vishnumaya kuttichathan who saved his community them many dangers. Vishnumaya kuttichathan started riding with his buffalo by playing with a musical instrument known as “Ezhara".On his seventh birthday, the tribals held a feast in his honour. During the feast the sage, Narada manifested himself and he revealed to Vishnumaya KuttiChathan about the secret of his birth. Moreover, Narada advised vishnu maya kutti to visit his true parents in Kailasa. He also told Chathan the true purpose of his birth Chathan started his journey to Kailasam with the permission of his foster mother and friends. He rode on his buffalo to Kailasam. When he was about to reach Kailasam he realized that Nandikeshwara would not allow vishnumaya kuttichathan to enter Kailash in his present form. So he took the form of Lord Vishnu.After seeing the presence of their son, Lord Shiva and Parvati devi were very happy and accepted their son. Lord Shiva blessed him, saying, “You invoked the form of Vishnu by Maya (magic). So you will be known as Vishnu Maya". Moreover, he taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas shiva blessed him, saying, “You will be invoked by the form of Vishnu by Maya black magic god to all our followers. So from now on you will be known as Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan.

Moreover, Lord Shiva taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas).alandhara was an asura who had got a boon from Indra and he was terrorizing the three worlds (Heaven, Pathala (Nether World) and Earth). Chathan challenged him to battle. After a fierce battle, Chathan took the form of Sudarshana Chakra with his Maya to behead Jalandhara. Sensing danger, he escaped and hid himself in the seas. Chathan as Chakra followed him. Due to the heat of the fiercely revolving Chakra the water where Jalandhara was hiding started to boil. Unable to bear the heat, Jalandhara came out and he was promptly beheaded. Thus came the end of Jalandhara. With the killing of Jalandhara, the power of Chathan was recognized by the Devas. Indra invited him to Heaven but vishnumaya kuttichathan refused to join heaven and Chathan joins among the poor people who needed his protection.

VishnuMaya direct Kuttichathan returned to his own people.Another powerful Asura called Briga saw Koolivaka in the forest and wanted to take her as his wife. He had come with a large force and tried to capture her. Chathan along with his elder brother, Karimkutty resisted the attack. Chathan was injured in the conflict. From the blood that fell on the ground, there arose 400 “Kuttichathan"s. Sensing his immediate defeat, Briga used ten Brahmastra against Chathan, ten Kuttichathan valiantly swallowed the weapon and gave up their life. The remaining 390 Kuttichathan defeated the army while Chathan killed Briga with his Kuruvadi (short Stick).If a devotee worships deity vishnumaya kuttichathan with dedication for 48 days of vishnumaya moola mantras,vishnumaya karmas,and vishnumaya parihara poojas will be blessed by vishnumaya kuttichathan and his 390 brothers.

Note : Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur,Kerala and Bangalore,Karnataka poojas are performed on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday from 12 pm till 3 am. Call us for online bookings.


  • RAVI – Shivabhoothagalaya ( Veerabathran), Kaaladamastran,Yaje Nhootham,Sringala Karupan
  • CHANDRAN – Ganga Yekshi, Vana Bhoothi, Kabaligha, Neeja Chamundi, Dhurmarthini, Manathaara
  • KUJAN – Bhairavan, Narashimham, Sabharan, Sharabhan, Puliya Bhagavathy, Raktha Chamundi
  • BUDHAN – Maadhula Predham, Jora Bhootham,Kinnerey, Haha,Hoho, Jala Pisajan, Jaladharan
  • GURU – Abhasmaran, Yekshi, Nambhu Saga Devathai, Jeevaaga Paathan Bhasma Pijaj, Mooghan
  • SUKHRAN – Vishnumaya, Devalaya Yekshi, Chulazhi Chunday Bhagavathy, Mathuraiveeran
  • SHANI – Kutti Chathan, Jeeda Valkal, Aghooran, Vettiku Oru Maghan, Kaala Bhairavan
  • RAGHU – Naaga Gendervan, Kubhidhan, Visha Fook, Thatchagan, Vasukhi, Anandhan
  • KETHU – Peychi,Vasoori Maala,Chemula Kori,Mamisha Foji,Raakaachi,Mashana Kaali
  • MANDHIK – Dhurmurdhi Predha,Maarana Kaali,Stambhana Bhootham,Chudhala,Shakada Schamaran

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