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Lord Sri Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala and Bangalore Get immediate and fast solutions in your Personal Life. Contact us at Kerala and Bangalore to solve personal problem and get permanent solutions in life.Perform Vishnumaya Temple poojas and get immediate solution for all personal problems for Love issues Love relationship Court Divorce cases Husband Wife Issues Black magic removal Business development Selling property Financial problems which is listed below.Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple at Kerala and Bangalore tantric’s perform VishnuMaya Kuttichathan poojas at Lord Sri Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala which is more powerful and effective. CLICK HERE to read our blog to know more about on how to solve your problems.Here at our temple we perform Vishnumaya poojas for 3 weeks according to each birth star and nakshatras. Also we have three deities here for almost we are practising poojas for fifteen years now,the three deities are sarpa ( Nagaraja Swami ) Lord Sri Vishnumaya Kuttichathan, Devi Chamundeshwari which is more powerful were you can get fast solutions all through your life.

The main poojas are performed here on Sunday,Tuesday and Fridays for people who suffers from negative energy, financial business loss,love related issues, marriage problems, broken love relationship,sarpa sabha, pitru sabha,preda sabha which we have provided a list in this website about our services you can contact us to discuss more and get fast remedies through our effective poojas.

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  • How to Solve Love Problems
  • How to Solve Love and Relationship Problems
  • How to Solve Court and Divorce Cases
  • How to Gain Financially Strong
  • How to Solve Doshas or Saabhas
  • How to Get Back your Boy Friend or Girl Friend
  • How to Solve Broken Love Relationship Problems
  • How to Solve Pitru Dosha
  • How to solve Love Failure Problems
  • How to Remove Black Magic
  • How to Solve Love Problems online
  • How to Solve Problems in Love Relationship

VishnuMaya Kuttichathan Temple Services at Kerala and Bangalore

  • Love Problems
  • Divorce / Court Cases
  • Love Relationship Problems
  • Husband Wife Issues
  • Land / House Problems
  • Sathru Karmam
  • Stop Marriage
  • VishnuMaya Kuttichathan 21 Karmam
  • Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan 51 Karmam
  • Narayana Bali
  • Bagalamukhi Pooja
  • Milk Payasam
  • Durga Pournami Karmam
  • Voodoo Removal
  • Witch Craft Removal
  • Black Magic Removal
  • Bhagya Sooktham Archana
  • Abichara Karmam
  • Trikaala Vilakku Pooja
  • Bairavi Chakara Homam
  • Bramha Reksus Pooja
  • Yekshi Karmam
  • Sarpa Samskara
  • Sarpa Bali
  • Ashlesha Bali
  • Thristathu Vilakku Pooja
  • Preda Samskara
  • Pitru Tarpanam
  • Tilak Homam
  • Akarsana Karmam
  • Vashikara Karmam
  • Kadumpayasam to Vishnu
  • kalasam Karmam
  • Sakteya Pushpanjali
  • Aatma Reksha Karmam
  • Sagala Siddhi Karmam
  • Guruthi Puspanjali
  • Sagala Baatha Karmam
  • Maya Mohini Karmam
  • Mandogini Karmam
  • Odian Vashiyam
  • Asta Karma Stambanam
  • Ashwaroodam Karmam
  • Tripura Karmam
  • Saktheyavellattu Karmam
  • Vellattu karmam
  • Brahma vellattu Karmam
  • Amavasaya Pooja
  • Veyli Ottu Karmam
  • Ghee Payasam
  • Sudarshana Pooja
  • Bhagavathy Kaali Seva
  • Sathru Samhara Pushpanjali
  • Alankara Puspanjali karmam
  • Chathan ottu
  • Cock Offering Karmam
  • Ilaneer Guruthi

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About VishnuMaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala Bangalore Karnataka!

Contact Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Bangalore Karnataka to perform Vishnumaya kuttichathan black magic removal or perform vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas to solve personal problems for love issues,love relationship problems,court divorce cases,husband wife problems,black magic removal which is listed above. Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala Bangalore Karnataka tantric’s performs VishnuMaya Kuttichathan poojas at Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple thrissur kerala which is more powerful and effective.

Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore Karnataka Tantric’s visit our clients all over Bangalore Karnataka at Kollegal, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Hassan, Kukke Subramanya, Gokarna, Srirangapatna for more information call us to discuss more…

Therefore this website is specially designed to provide knowledge about vishnumaya kuttichathan and the story of vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and what all problems this deity can solve which is listed here in this website. Find out what is your problem and approach us for good solutions from vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple tantric’s.

Now read the story about Vishnumaya direct kuttichathan origin and his mystical powers.Based on Vedic Hindu mythology Lord Shiva while went for an hunt happened to hear a voice in the jungle there he was said to be surprised to find that the voice belongs to a tribal girl, who was known as Kulivaka.Lord shiva found this girl was beautiful then on he decided to communicate with her but since lord shiva was on his way for hunt so he made this girl to stay for a while in the forest until he return.Once Koolivaka thinks about her deity Parvati she realized that mating with lord shiva would bring forth the wrath of the goddess upon her; but she feared the wrath of Shiva also in case she refused him. She prayed to her Goddess parvathi devi to save her from the predicament. Parvati devi pleased with her innocence prayer and appeared before her and revealed her true identity. In her previous birth Kulivaka was Manaswini, a servant in the retinue of Parvati. One day she happened to breast-feed lord Ganesha who was a baby at that time. Parvati devi didn’t appreciate the fact of a servant breast-feeding her baby. She cursed Manaswini that she would be born in a chandala (outcaste) family. When Parvati’s anger subdued, she took pity on Manaswini then Devi Parvati blessed her that although she has born as a chandala she would get the opportunity to breast-feed the son of Lord Shiva.Devi disclosed that it was the preordained fate that made possible her meeting with Lord Shiva and his passion for Koolivaka. She told the girl that she herself would take on the form of Koolivaka and deceive the Lord Shiva. She also informed Koolivaka that the son born from such a union would be the killer of Jalandhara, a powerful Asura. Thus revealing the course of fate, she sent the innocent girl away.

Koolivaka started swinging on a creeper attached to a tree and awaited for the arrival of Lord Shiva. Lord Shree VishnuMaya direct kuttiChathan child with mystical power was born within their union. Lord Shiva arranged a buffalo for the protection of his child vishnumaya kuttichathan at Kerala.. This child vishnumaya kuttichathan who came to be known as Vishnumaya Kuttichathan was given to Koolivaka for rearing. Thereafter Koolivaka thus becomes the mother of vishnumaya direct kuttiChathan, son of Lord Shiva fulfilling the wish of Parvati devi.

Vishnu Maya KuttiChathan lived with his mother Koolivaka for about seven years. The tribals loved the boy vishnumaya kuttichathan who saved his community them many dangers. Vishnumaya kuttichathan started riding with his buffalo by playing with a musical instrument known as “Ezhara".On his seventh birthday, the tribals held a feast in his honour. During the feast the sage, Narada manifested himself and he revealed to Vishnumaya KuttiChathan about the secret of his birth. Moreover, Narada advised vishnu maya kutti to visit his true parents in Kailasa. He also told Chathan the true purpose of his birth Chathan started his journey to Kailasam with the permission of his foster mother and friends. He rode on his buffalo to Kailasam. When he was about to reach Kailasam he realized that Nandikeshwara would not allow vishnumaya kuttichathan to enter Kailash in his present form. So he took the form of Lord Vishnu.After seeing the presence of their son, Lord Shiva and Parvati devi were very happy and accepted their son. Lord Shiva blessed him, saying, “You invoked the form of Vishnu by Maya (magic). So you will be known as Vishnu Maya". Moreover, he taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas shiva blessed him, saying, “You will be invoked by the form of Vishnu by Maya black magic god to all our followers. So from now on you will be known as Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan.

Moreover, Lord Shiva taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas).alandhara was an asura who had got a boon from Indra and he was terrorizing the three worlds (Heaven, Pathala (Nether World) and Earth). Chathan challenged him to battle. After a fierce battle, Chathan took the form of Sudarshana Chakra with his Maya to behead Jalandhara. Sensing danger, he escaped and hid himself in the seas. Chathan as Chakra followed him. Due to the heat of the fiercely revolving Chakra the water where Jalandhara was hiding started to boil. Unable to bear the heat, Jalandhara came out and he was promptly beheaded. Thus came the end of Jalandhara. With the killing of Jalandhara, the power of Chathan was recognized by the Devas. Indra invited him to Heaven but vishnumaya kuttichathan refused to join heaven and Chathan joins among the poor people who needed his protection.

VishnuMaya direct Kuttichathan returned to his own people.Another powerful Asura called Briga saw Koolivaka in the forest and wanted to take her as his wife. He had come with a large force and tried to capture her. Chathan along with his elder brother, Karimkutty resisted the attack. Chathan was injured in the conflict. From the blood that fell on the ground, there arose 400 “Kuttichathan"s. Sensing his immediate defeat, Briga used ten Brahmastra against Chathan, ten Kuttichathan valiantly swallowed the weapon and gave up their life. The remaining 390 Kuttichathan defeated the army while Chathan killed Briga with his Kuruvadi (short Stick).If one worship vishnumaya kuttichathan with dedication for 41 days of mantras,karmas,and parihara poojas the person will be blessed by vishnumaya kuttichathan and his 390 brothers.

From our website who performs any vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas will be provided with Vishnumaya Kuttichathan moola mantras which will be more powerful to achieve any goals in their lives quickly.

Note : Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore, Karnataka poojas are performed on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday from 12 pm till 3 am. Call us for online bookings.

Note : Donate any money as your contribution to Handicapped people and Orphanages through us.

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Any followers of our deity vishnumaya kuttichathan swami can donate or can perform vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas with us. CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Poojas are performed by well practiced tantric’s at our premises so please do not perform or try to to perform these poojas without any instructions from our tantric’s.


  • RAVI – Shivabhoothagalaya ( Veerabathran), Kaaladamastran,Yaje Nhootham,Sringala Karupan
  • CHANDRAN – Ganga Yekshi, Vana Bhoothi, Kabaligha, Neeja Chamundi, Dhurmarthini, Manathaara
  • KUJAN – Bhairavan, Narashimham, Sabharan, Sharabhan, Puliya Bhagavathy, Raktha Chamundi
  • BUDHAN – Maadhula Predham, Jora Bhootham,Kinnerey, Haha,Hoho, Jala Pisajan, Jaladharan
  • GURU – Abhasmaran, Yekshi, Nambhu Saga Devathai, Jeevaaga Paathan Bhasma Pijaj, Mooghan
  • SUKHRAN – Vishnumaya, Devalaya Yekshi, Chulazhi Chunday Bhagavathy, Mathuraiveeran
  • SHANI – Kutti Chathan, Jeeda Valkal, Aghooran, Vettiku Oru Maghan, Kaala Bhairavan
  • RAGHU – Naaga Gendervan, Kubhidhan, Visha Fook, Thatchagan, Vasukhi, Anandhan
  • KETHU – Peychi,Vasoori Maala,Chemula Kori,Mamisha Foji,Raakaachi,Mashana Kaali
  • MANDHIK – Dhurmurdhi Predha,Maarana Kaali,Stambhana Bhootham,Chudhala,Shakada Schamaran

Our Client Reviews


Review 37

Thanks for your help by bringing my boy friend back after 2 years separation.I believe that vishnumaya temple and the karmas which you perform is helping lots of people through their lost life.I would recommend anyone to contact this website for love relationship issues and many more. Thank you a lot sir. kalpana.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 36

I was having divorce problem which no one solved it even my lawyer I went to many temples to solve it but it took 2. 1/2 years very soon I was searching for immediate solution for this I came across this website read all the reviews as everyone did I also contacted them they are not doing poojas for commercial purpose nor giving any advertisements too very easily they handled my case and now in three months they got my divorce certificate by mutual consent from my wife now I am free from all. Thank you again.Vishnumaya Swami thank s for everything.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 35

This is Vinodini I have been trying poojas for my relationship issues at many places but there was no use I wasted one year on this then I got a reference from my fried to contact this website I spoke to them and explained after trying multiple poojas you solved it in few weeks thanks for your help sir. It was a nice experience talking to you.I got by boy friend soon in few weeks .Please visit me in bangalore when you come here.Thank you.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Review 34

All Vishnumaya temples are fake and just a show off according to me,when I visited from New york to India because I was born there I married a US women and went in to final divorce when even she had relationship with another man I had tried many things through poojas in India its waste of time for me. How many flight tickets I spent to india but the real person I found was Mr. Prabhakar panicker great and honest man who helped me a lot to get my divorce withdrawn then I got my wife back very seriously he asked me to put a comment after three months on his website now i am doing so myself and my wife are happy now we are leaving to las vegas tonight I am so excited after 3 years of my broken marriage. Thank you sir. Vishnumaya the great of all. My good wishes to all to contact this website for any serious problems never ever go to kerala. contact Prabhakar sir on Skype at vishnumayadirect . Thanks very much appreciated !

Brooklyn, New York City

Review 33

Hola, señor. He intentado muchas cosas en la India y aquí en California, pero el matrimonio de mi esposo fue 3 y el mío es 4 Traté de mantener esta relación matrimonial final muy fuerte por el bien de mis hijos, pero usted es el hombre que hizo todo lo que fue bueno para mí. Pensé en volver a México con todas mis preocupaciones. No sé qué hizo ahora. Todos mis problemas están resueltos. Mi esposo está de vuelta. Ahora todos estamos invitándolos a América. Visítenos. Muchas gracias, señor Prabhokar. adiós Julia

California,United States

Review 32

Hi This is unexpected I was wandering how you could do it possible I never trusted at all but I did everything which you said till yesterday. I got the court case ended today I won the case. Thank you for all your efforts and and being good always.Vishnumaya and Kaali the great powers of mystic they helped me a lot and expecting more too.I will be getting married soon after that as I promised I will meet you sir. My business is growing superb day by day I am going to start a new project after your advice ok the link which you provided I am posting it now whether it is reflecting on your website I dont know anyway very good very good. Anyone who visits this website with any problems call their number they will help you a lot don't spend time on some temples at kerala its just a show off thats it. Good service you provide sir and congrats to do more and more to help many people like me. Thank you once again.Malini Mumbai


Review 31

This Vishnumaya direct website is only for people who is dedicated like me to pray, chant mantras, doing karmas and following instructions properly and blindly. I would give you 5 stars here because you got my divorce problem solved therefore brought my boy friend in to the same relationship which I expected thanks for that. Before that I use to go here and there in bangalore all areas to find a solution but you made it happen sir.Thank you for your blessings.I am really really happy to do more vishnumaya poojas if required in future I know its not required because you did a lot to me.Anyway 5 stars ok. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sugandha from bangalore.


Review 30

They made my problem solved in one month of a november 2018 a very positive experience which I have ever seen in my life after loosing all my hope when my girlfriend broke up our relationship and went away from me since 2017 from there I started doing poojas at temples and contacted in India with many gurus but there was no use of it. Thenon I got a very busy person from vishnumaya temple they asked me to visit their website thereafter I saw a good professionalism with them I started working with them by doing sangalpa , mantras,poojas but fortunately I am very lucky I got my girlfriend back asking me excuses to rejoin with me to get married from now on vishnumaya will be our deity too.Therefore the tantric madathipathi is very genius with all type of good attitude with spirituality and very kind in helping people like us.When I spoke to you sir with seriousness you were laughing and talking to me but with heavy pressure you work I know.Thank you for all your support for sure after our marriage we will meet you in India soon. Vishnumaya god is smooth and fast.Narendra Kumar.From malaysia.


Review 29

My friend introduced me to this website i was having problem with divorce for 2 years which i was unable t tolerate my in laws family i never had an answer on how to overcome this problem and join my husband and live with him together but this person told me if you are good enough sure on what myself doing and what i need exactly so i was little confused i spoke to him correctly only one time and discussed my issues he said i will get my family life very shortly i performed few poojas in temple which he asked me to do it i did it correctly and followed their god vishnumaya kuttichathan and maha kahali as soon he said as quick i got a call from my lawyer for discussion to withdraw the case after few weeks of performing this poojas i am so glad i never met an accident in this website they did what i need. I joined my husband now last week thank you so much sir for joining us again after 3 years of broken married life.Its waste searching matrimony and no more new relationship. Happy New Year 2019 to all and you.thank you.Best wishes for your good services.


Review 28

Hi I am Sandhya thank you sir I got my husband back after completing the court divorce case which was applied by my husband I was not sure after doing vishnumaya pooja with you too but as you said this case ended up and my husband joined back to me I am so happy after three years.Thank you for all your support and poojas you did for us.We will meet you soon. Best of luck for all the people who are having problems.Vishnumaya a true god with spiritual powers. Sandhya, Bangalore.


Review 27

Hi, First of all I thank you and vishnumaya kuttichathan swami to choose my work I appreciate that and was afraid that before starting my pooja you said you will do only selective poojas if it is possible through your capacity limits but after you confirmed that you can do my job I felt more happy on this. Therefore you had given me a successful results I got my divorce back after suffered a lot in 2 years My relationship is also went successful both our parents agreed for our marriage now.My boy friend blocked me everywhere while my divorce was going in court and he broke up with me for almost 1 year thank you for bringing him back to me and also my boyfriend his family accepted for our marriage now. We are getting married in next 2 months .Thank you for all your poojas and best support as a brother.I am always will be dedicated to Vishnumaya god all through my life. Roopa.Bangalore.

R T Nagar,Bangalore
Vishnumaya Direct Kerala Kuttichathan Temple Karnataka - Bangalore

Review 26

Tantric Prabhakar has literally given me a life  by making me financially settled. Me and my husband have a good job and are settled because of him.He not only helped me in becoming financially settled but also helped me overcome ill health. He is very cooperative and guides through every step . He is so good at his job that you don't have to explain your problems in detail. He will understand the complete problem by just listening to it in short. He also helped my brother settle in his life. I just can't thank him enough and more for everything he helped me with. Much respect for him. Kaunain, Bangalore.


Review 25

Thank you for solving my relationship problem which I had with my girl friend for the past 2 years she broke up and went.I convinced her many times but what all I tried which ended with fight with us.After viewing your website I was reading all testimonials then I contacted you without hope at all because I tried these type of poojas in many places but no use of it. Quickly you solved our relationship problem in 7 weeks which I performed all the karmas which you taught me I never left hope on this problem after I started talking to you.Anyway you solved it.Really  its a great work which you did for me.I wont forget you in my life swamy we are now talking about marriage this is what I was expecting from my girl friend now everything got settled.I will donate to your temple too soon once am married ok.Thanks for all your commitment on my work.
Vinay Kumar.Dubai


Review 24

I was married for 14 years my husband had relationship with another women then he left me and stayed with that lady for two years and filed a divorce case against on me  I stayed alone with my kids by attending the court for 3 years though my profession is a doctor I was unable to do take over every month in the court i never found any solution and was struggling with my kid, court and my job. I have been to kerala many times I did all type of poojas to solve my issue but there was no use on it simply wasted 1 year in that then I come across through this website vishnumaya direct my friend introduced me to prabhakar panicker sir.He is very much matured and completely experienced in all tantric poojas I read his website and discussed my issue with hm I don't know how they do all such type of work but quickly in 5 weeks my husband joined me he left his lady relationship, case also he dropped it everything happened like a miracle to me in my life. Now i am living happy with my husband my kids so far 3 months over no issues in between us my job is going well too.Vishnumaya Direct website is great and the powers of Vishnumaya and Bagalmugki and snake poojas they perform is great.Thank you very much for solving all my issues.Prabhakar sir you are helping many people and saving their lives keep up your profession its good for everyone who comes with problem to you. The way you speak and kindness is smooth and it gives me positive energy all the time whenever  I speak to you.Thank you and vishnumaya sir. Dr.Brinda,Bangalore.


Review 23

This is the right place which I found to solve my relationship issues with my boy friend and solved my business financial problems too.I had went to many places to do all poojas but there is no use of it.Including all vishnumaya temples too.Here at vishnumaya direct they solved it in 3 months after performing too many works with them which they was genuine person I would strongly recommend this website to all and I am always dedicated to Vishnumaya swami and Sarpa god.Since I had my issues ruining me for 4 years but they solved it as they promised.Thank you for all your help ans support.By Sakunthala Bangalore.

Sakunthala Banaswadi,Bangalore.

Vishnumaya Direct Kerala Kuttichathan Temple Karnataka - Bangalore

Review 22

Hi, I'm Maheswari from Bangalore. I had been married for more than two years but din have kid, tried many treatments and was having very bad time for past two years.I contacted Mr Prabhakar sir and within three months all my problems got solved and Sree Vishnumaya has blessed me with twins this year... My heart felt gratitude to Prabhakar sir... Thank you so much sir...

Malleswaram, Bangalore

Review 21

Performance wise very good I did not expect this much of powerful skills with vishnumaya god.I thought it will affect me in future and I was scared too but after taking to you I understood the karmas and poojas with vishnumaya.I started building my house after several years. My husband joined back with me all its because of unexpected poojas and I see complete growth in my textile shop.Business is so far going very good.I did all the mantras and karmas as you instructed.Thank you for all your kind help and good attitude.Convey my regards to your wife and kids.We will meet you again once I complete my building work you should do pooja for new house and open it also.Respectfully your sister Amritha Padmanaban.


Review 20

Very good poojas and service thanks for solving my divorce problem my business is also improved.Good work.hope vishnumaya swami will help us and guide through good way.thank you sir.Ohm shree vishnumaye namah. Ohm Kali Maha Kali Bhadra Kali Mashana kali Namasthuthey.


Review 19

Excellent service by vishnumaya poojas and the tantric prabhakar.Great work.I would appreciate by giving me a right solutions after trying for two years in all vishnumaya temples.All are commercial I understood but after I met you you look simple and very honest.I did not expect that you can solve my relationship problem.Its completely solved only thing you don't attend my phone calls because I used to call you everyday anyway nice work sir.thanks a lot for providing me a good solution for my relationship problem.Thanks.I will recommend your website to all my friends too.


Review 18

Though I am a doctor I don't believe in all these black magic or attracting some people by vashikarna or poojas.Prabhakar sir you made me to believe all these things when my wife left me and went for divorce were I struggled a lot with lawyers and court for 3 years. My friend gave your number to contact you sorry I spoke to you very harsh in the starting please don't keep anything on the mind as you said the case will be automatically withdrawn  in 4 months by my wife and you said she will come back automatically same thing happened here I did 91 karmas with you.I am very much happy now with my wife and my kids. Sorry I use to call you everyday to check whether you are doing my pooja or not it was my curiosity and tension.Please don't mind at all. I will be always on your side will inform you about more work about my property issues in next 2 months Thanks for the help.Posted on the link which you gave.


Review 17

Very nice to meet you sir on this link you provided to post to share my thouths.It was a great experience with vishnumaya god and the 51 karma which you had performed for me and my girl friend to bring her back to me for relationship again after we broke up for 2 years now.You asked me to wait for 4 weeks after performing raja vashikarna for me and for my girl friend now she is under full control with me. If everything goes well as you said for 3 months we plan to get married soon.Thanks for your heart touching poojas and mantras you helped me a lot I am out of depression now. I will inform my friends to contact you. Please inform if anything else has to be done more. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Review 16

Sorry sir I called you many times and disturbed you because of my previous experience which I did with other people for the poojas please don"t mistake me.You have shared a link 2 weeks before to post a comment on that I am posting now.Thanks very much sir I was trying for past one year since my engagement happened and finally my marriage was stopped after tried many poojas with some people no one helped me.Now I got my engagement fixed again on this diwali day with the same person without any problems. Also now my marriage got fixed with the same person for this december month we already booked the hall too.thank you for your kindness and good attitude by helping people like me by performing vishnumaya poojas and bagalamukhi poojas.I  am happy now. Please call me after seeing this message I am also sending this message on your whatsapp too.If any poojas has to be done please let me know my dad is ready to do that.Thank you prabhakar sir.Bless me and my family.


Review 15

Really great service since you requested me to send the feedback for your website testimonials I am doing so now. I have been to many places in kerala to perform some poojas to bring my husband back so far I was trying these things for 3 years but no changes in my life I was put down to earth including my family members and inlaw too then my friend suggested me to contact you for all type of any personal problems after talking to you i came out of all my issues and got my husband back in few weeks.one more week I have to complete my pooja so far 5 weeks over.thanks and I recommend your website to all my friends.Friends if you have any problems call this website for help.True service appreciated.


Review 14

Tried many things to get my girlfriend in to my relationship we were in relationship for 1 year after that she left me and got married then she got divorce in 8 months but again she called to to meet but it was not for relationship.I had tried many blackmagic work then i found the youtube video with the title best love problem solution in bangalore i called their number they solved it and i got it married with her.but it took 2 months to completely get solved.thank you for poojas and hard work to get my wife back.happy now vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple.

Mysore, Karnataka

Review 13

I would strongly recommend www.vishnumayadirect.com prabhakar sir 9123568105 for people who is looking for good things permanently to be solved by vishnumaya kuttichathan temple poojas .I solved my problem here after visiting many places all over bangalore even in kollegal too but this website I contacted I discussed my relationship issues he asked me 18 days to solve it but before that everything got solved my boy friends parents accepted for our marriage after 3 years now will be married soon by end of this year. Good vishnumaya poojas and very good tantric. Call him dont look for some local pandits or astrologer they cant do anything only they will look for money no solution atall.

Review 12

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