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Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Iyampathy Vishnumaya Temple In Kerala Vishnumaya Direct

Get Permanent Solutions To Love Relationships, Marriage and Divorce! Vishnumaya Direct

Iyampathy Vishnumaya Temple in Kerala is traditionally trusted for vishnumaya poojas, vishnumaya kuttichathan pooja to resolve family related problems directly with vishnumaya kuttichathan a god of all spiritual and mystical powers which makes wonders and gives you permanent solutions for who suffers from personal issues such as relationship problems, marriage separation, divorce and business issues.

Love relationship breakup, marriage separation and divorce issues emerge, generally considering the contrasting ideals of the couples involved, or the disturbance of different matters. It might be the trouble to reveal oneself in ways that other partners cannot absolutely concentrate on and realize what’s being stated because things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated. There becomes a struggling point and often a love relationship problem crops up which leads to break up in a relationship, marriage separation and divorce after marriage. Living together in a love relationship won’t affect you if you are not married, but sometimes even breaking up in a love relationship might also be a trouble to lose your partner too.

Vishnumaya is beneficial with its positive energy, which provides good health, wealth and prosperity, longevity and strength. Click here to know about Vishnumaya Kuttichathan karma.

About Vishnumaya

About Vishnumaya Kuttichathan

Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Husband Wife
Marriage Separation

Husband Wife Marriage Separation

Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Vashikaran For Love
To Attract Someone

Vashikaran For Love To Attract Someone

Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Vashikaran helps you find solutions to all love life problems by attacking someone that you need them forever, so that you can live with ease using vashikaran mantra and rituals…more  

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Benefits

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja in Kerala is beneficial which has both good and bad which could involve positive and negative energy forces which includes divine spiritual powers and evil powers too.

If you had tried to keep your love relationship stronger and healthier, than your partner or if your partner Is affected spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally depressed..more

Black magic is the belief of practices of sorcery that draws on assumed malevolent powers. This type of black magic is invoked when wishing to injure, cause misfortune or destruction…more

Love Problem

Love Problem Solution

Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Permanent solutions to love relationship breakup, love problems, affairs after marriage, marriage problems, Most powerful pooja with Vishnumaya Kuttichathan and Ma Kali,


Blackmagic Removal

Vishnumaya temple in kerala

Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes with respect to the left-hand path and right-hand path.

Vishnumaya Direct Updates

If Vashikaran is done well, its effect is permanent. This effect lasts forever, if you feel that its effect is diminishing, then once again Vashikaran can be performed to attract someone..more

The 12astrological zodiac signs in order are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces…more

What is Pitru Paksha Tarpan or Shraddha?

The word ‘Tarpan’ has been formed from the root word ‘Trup’. Offering water to God, Sages, ancestors’ souls and human beings and satisfying them through it is called tarpan.

Black magic based on the assumption that a person or thing can be supernaturally affected through its name or an object representing it sympathetic magic posits that the relationship..more

Many couples view it as a trial period before marriage. Some couples avoid marriage because they might have gone through a bad divorce before. Many people, especially…more  

In some cases separation can be good for marriage depending on the circumstances of the couple. If both partners are willing to work through current situations and problems..more

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Iyampathy Vishnumaya Temple-Vishnumaya Direct Testimonials

Keerthy reddy

I was very depressed when my husband got separated from me, then he applied for divorce the case was going on for a long time. I never had a solution for 1 year then when I came across this website I found many things helpful. I connected to them immediately and explained my situation. They asked me to perform some puja at home only where I performed it and got the best solution to join my husband. Thank you sir for all your help. Something Superb. Good informational website too.

Keerthy Reddy

Dr. Brinda

Excellent service to solve divorce issues here. I was into a big issue for two years. I can't find any solution. I used this service and followed all they said. I can't imagine how quick they do or how they do it. One by one things were getting resolved. I just update them on the exact situation every Thursday. That's it they work for that particular thing and made my life very easy now. Thanks

Dr. Brindha

Suma latha

I had an issue with my divorce problems and suffered a lot to resolve it but nothing went well. I contacted this site for professional help because they have information about divorce and puja. Genuine service for divorce problems I can recommend to anyone but it's a little expensive. Overall very good five stars. I trust them because they don't do commercial advertisements in google like other fake people do, like showing they are big. Thanks for helping me and my family. Good work sir. I am happy now. five stars. Suma.

Suma Latha


Excellent and superb pooja with Vishnumaya and Kali. Here they solved my relationship problems in a few weeks which put me in depression for 2 years. Finally I came to this place for the best solution in my life. They did it perfectly. I also referred my friends here even though they resolved their problems to genuine websites and trusted sources for us which helped me a lot when I was depressed. We can check our marriage matches through nakshatra at this site also. Firstly they talk to us, they check our details and they say whether it's possible or not then they will start working with us by providing a few instructions which is awesome. I recommend this website for everyone because there are many sites where they go behind money only. I am feeling very good all the time now. Thank you sir for your work. Anitha


Bangalore, Karnataka
Jaya Mathesh

Hi I am Jayalakshmi after trying many poojas and visiting many temples my problem was not solved.My Boyfriend blocked my number to we were in relationship for more than 7 years then I found this website www.vishnumayadirect.com to contact then I spoke them on the number provided on website.They performed my vishnumaya kuttichathan temple kerala 21 karma pooja and asked me to perform some poojas at home I followed them after few days I got contact from my boyfriend and now my whole problem is solved .Thank you for vishnu maya kuttichathan pooja help.solved my issue in one week thanks for the help. Contact this website or call this person Sri Ram sir at 9080613234.They will help people like us. Jaya Mathesh, Bangalore

Jaya Mathesh

Bangalore, Karnataka

Even I tried many poojas to get my girlfriend relationship by contacting many places everything was waste then I found this video on the youtube there I saw a comment about this website www.vishnumayadirect.com I called the number displayed 9080613234 that person was very soft he listens to everything which i was telling him.He asked me to do some poojas then he also did it for 21 days i got a sudden effect after doing this vishnumaya kuttichathan pooja i got my girlfriend back now we both are working in same hospital.thank you sir. Dilip kumar, Bangalore

Dilip Kumar

Bangalore, Karnataka
Geetha Krishnan

I would strongly recommend www.vishnumayadirect.com for people who is looking for good things permanently to be solved by vishnumaya kuttichathan temple poojas .I solved my problem here after visiting many places all over bangalore even in kollegal too but this website I contacted I discussed my relationship issues he asked me 18 days to solve it but before that everything got solved my boyfriends parents accepted for our marriage after 3 years now will be married soon by end of this year. Good vishnumaya poojas and very good tantric. Call him, don't look for some local pandits or astrologers; they can't do anything, only they will look for money with no solution atall.

Geetha Krishnan


I performed here a pooja for to get my girlfriend for marriage she refused after loving me for 3 years even their parents accepted i approached this vishnu may direct website and contacted to solve it now i will be married in 2 months engagement over.thank you vishnu maya and bagalamukhi god



My father died I performed many poojas at kuke subramanya but n use everyday the fight happens in my family i contacted you with doubt very sorry even i went to paralysed now i am happy with everyone happy in job too.vishnu maya tantricSri ram sir is great .My family will be always a devotee of vishnu maya swami always. Thanks. Lohit



I got married in 2016 after few months my wife left me and applied for divorce from her parents home but I was unable to solve it because I work on night shifts can concentrate on jobs too my mother found all pandits i lost the money then i come to know through my friend about vishnu maya tere i went even in kerala i lost money but i searched in the internet for best vishnu maya pandit in bangalore i found this website after suffering from 2 years this man prabhakar solved it in 2 months I and my friends appreciate him because on his busy schedule he received my call and helped me to get it solved. Next year I will get marriage.thank God Vishnu chathan and Goddess Kali.

Murali Gowda


Am Asha from dubai I had a relationship problem with my boyfriend here we were living together but he left me i don't know what to do to solve it blindly i got this website searching for best vishnu maya person.He is great within 7 days as a challenge he came back to me i am happy with vishnu maya direct tantric Sree raman sir.

Asha Nair

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