How to Solve Love Relationship and Divorce Problems by Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Black Magic?

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How to Solve Love Relationship and Divorce Problems by Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Black Magic?

Solve Love Relationship and Divorce Problems by Vishnumaya Kerala black magic temple quickly and get fastest solutions sooner.In this blog you may find informational tips on how to overcome to solve love relationship problems and divorce problems quickly.

At this Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala and Bangalore you can solve love relationship problems,divorce problems and love problems quickly by performing more effective and strong black magic removal pooja with our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple to get immediate solutions for all personal problems in life.

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Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple at Kerala and Bangalore tantric’s perform VishnuMaya Kuttichathan poojas on Sunday | Tuesday | Friday. Call Vishnumaya Direct for online bookings.

Vishnumaya Direct Kuttichathan temple has 5 deity as which is more powerful and effective which is named as;


1) Vishnumaya Kuttichathan ( Vishnumaya)

2) Karimkutty Chathan

3) Thee Kuttichathan

4) Malay Kuttichathan

5) Vella Kuttichathan


1) Snake Gods ( Sarpa )

2) Smashana Kali ( Chamundeswari Kali )

3) Yekshi

4) Bagalamukhi

These are a few of the deity’s that help us to solve all your personal problems by performing sacred rituals continuously for 48 days which gives amazing results for our clients with complete belief and worship.


1. How to solve my love relationship problem soon ?

If you have a love relationship problem maybe it’s because you’re partner is in relationship with someone else or either engaged by someone through the family,so he or she may refuse to follow your love conditionally.

We would like to know whether you both are talking each other now.When did you met your partner in the last 15 days.Here at our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan black magic removal temple we provide fast and best permanent solutions for this which can lead your relationship to marriage also as you inform us.

In order to know more you can call us to discuss which would be highly confidential.We will give you the best results sooner.

2. I am married and in relationship with someone how to go further permanently without any problem?

If you are in to relationship with someone please discuss with us to know about on how long you were in to relationship and whether the relationship is broken or not. It it would be fine if you could contact us over the phone so that we would be clear to solve your problem sooner.

3. I got married years ago and now we were in to Court and Divorce case now ! How can you help me?

If you both are agreed to divorce you both may file for mutual consent or if your partner is not interested to give you divorce or if he or she is dragging the case for years then we would like to know who filed the case first then on is it Section 13A or Section 13 or DV Domestic Violence.It would be better if you could brief us by calling us so that we could perform some rituals to overcome all these things sooner..

4. I Cannot sleep I am having negative energy on me,Is this a cause of Black Magic?

If so we need to find the root cause for the problem from when and where it has started either from family, friend, siblings, or business partners so, please provide your details by calling us we can check the complete problems you may have then we could provide you a powerful pooja for 48 days to get to be solved.

Reasons of Negative Energy….

1 ) Negative energy comes as nightmare only in night

2 ) Always you are scared such someone is following you behind you where ever you go.

3 ) Someone pulls your hair in the night while sleeping then in the morning you can feel the pain that someone pulled it

4 ) You see Snakes or an water flowing somewhere

5 ) You will see a widow in your dream

6 ) A dog without tail follows you

7 ) You feel someone knocks the door front.

8 ) You may hear an unusual sound in the night

9 ) Sudden health issues and health loss

10 ) Fights at home frequently

11 ) Scratches on the body always during black moon days ( Ammavasya days ).

This is also known as affected by Black magic,Sabhas,Doshas and Ghosts ( Predha ) introduction,Which makes you fall sick.

5. My astrologer said I have some doshas and sabhas but he is not giving me the right solution to solve it.How can you help me?

Yes, Sabhas and but he is not giving me the right solution to solve it.Can you help me?Doshas are very different do not mix it equally it comes from fore fathers or from gods ( Devas ) or Predhas ( Asura ) or Sarpa ( Snake – Serpent ) . In order to resolve all these things we need your Nakshatra, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Family history too. Therefore with the help of all these we can help you by providing an effective poojas to resolve them. Call us.

6. I met a man through a Matrimony website and got married but now I found he is already married and living with me and his wife too.How can you help me from this problem?

I believe this must be an arranged marriage through your family members but it is unfortunately atrocious marriage done by your husband with huge trap either for sake of money or lust.This can be solved quickly by performing Vishnumaya Kuttichathan 121 Karmam.Visit our website for more details so that we can discuss further.

7. I am facing a Divorce issue with my partner how to re-join my partner again?

If you are facing Divorce issue with your partner we would like to know more better whether you or your partner filed for divorce or asking for mutual consent.Neither one or whether the partner filed for Section 13 ,Section 13 A, DV ( Domestic Violence ) or Harassment case or asking for settlement and money maintaining if any of so you may please contact us to solve this issue by providing a powerful solution through our deity Vishnumaya and Sarpa ( Snakes ) God,
8. What are the reasons for my Divorce?

There are several reasons for divorce according to each individual here I have listed few which may suit you if you could read it here.Well we can overcome with all these problems through our powerful Vishnumaya Kuttichathan karmam 91.

Read Here…

1 ) Living apart from the partner for more than one year

2 ) Adultery ( Cheating Partner )

3 ) Physical or Mental Cruelty

9. My wife filed a false Domestic Violence case against me with section 498A and section 406 on me.How to make my wife to join me again?

If your wife filed for a Domestic Violence ( DV ) and Section 406 and 498 A then she must be looking for a divorce with a money settlement until then she won’t give you Mutual Consent by divorce so be clear what you need exactly.Do you need divorce or to live happily with your wife.If you feel further to discuss with us we can solve your divorce problems as soon as possible according to your wish.Don’t drag the case for more that 2 years then you will be an accused.

10. I am facing heavy business and finance loss.How to Solve it?

Business and Finance loss is normal according to each individual based on their business.Each nakshatras and rasis have a variety of business which they can do permanently so you should know which one you can consider but you might doing the business you own for long term and you can’t shut down, so for business and finance development we a perfect solution to solve it and bring prosperity to you.You may contact us to share your Nakshatra and Rashis to consider.

For your knowledge base: Final thoughts

Vishnumaya Direct is a service provider by performing vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and other deity’s poojas for each individuals to solve their personal problems more effective stronger and sooner. Each cases may vary according to their own problems so timings may delay from each others.Please consider our website and talk to us for for clarification.Vishnumaya Kuttichathan poojas and services  are cost effective and its often more challenging for us to complete it sooner with risk ful work.

There are most successful clients have given us five star reviews you may check this on our vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple website please read and gain knowledge from there and start your work with us with full satisfaction and get good results soon.

When you show that you genuinely care about your personal needs and to be solved soon then this would be the right place to start your rituals with full satisfaction to get more effective and stronger results soon.Therefore we can help you with more than a great solution, in which you will win the loved one’s hearts and their thoughts sooner. For more information you may visit our websites at and 

Vishnumaya Direct is an official website from Vishnumaya Kuttichathan temple kerala which is known famous to solve Love Relationship Problems and Divorce Problems by performing vishnumaya black magic poojas by famous tantric’s at Kerala and Bangalore,Karnataka.Devotees can directly visit or call us to discuss more about the problems which you are facing it now.Available from Monday to Sunday 12 pm to 3 am.Prabhakar is an expert tantric’s and astrologer, with 17 years in the field, most of which were spent in temples. He is the Owner and Founder of VishnuMaya Direct In October 1999,he also launched an informational websites provides knowledge about deity Lord Sri Vishnu Maya that provides services to people who suffers from all negative problems in life also gives permanent solutions in life.