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Vishnumaya Kuttichathan pooja in Kerala have both good and bad which could involve positive and negative energy forces which includes divine spiritual powers and evil powers too. Vishnumaya Kuttichathan in India is also known for Its sorcery, illusions, and black magic.

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About Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Black Magic Removal | Kuttichathan Seva Temple

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan black magic removal or black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers of illusions or magic for evil and selfish purposes.

Elimination of black magic Vishnumaya Kuticatan or black magic traditionally refers to the use of illusory or magical powers for evil and selfish purposes.


Vishnumaya Kuttichathan at Iyampathy Temple in Kerala is most powerful with his magic and black magic elimination. Worshipers can find the best and most lasting solutions to family problems, love problems solutions, relationship breakdowns, marital problems, business problems solutions, divorce problems, omissions, and marital and marital problems.


Hence there is the Vishnumaya Kuticchatan Temple in Peringottukara, Thrissur, Kerala where the practice at the Vishnumaya Kuticchatan Temple in Peringottukara has now been changed as a temporary solution that has been put into commercial practice. Devotees looking for a permanent solution to all their problems can consider us at Vishnumaya Direct through the Iyampathy Vishnumaya Kutticchathan Temples in Palakkad, Kerala, and Karnataka.


The history of the origin of the puja at the Vishnumaya Kutichatan temple and its mystical powers are based on Vedic-Hindu mythology, according to which Lord Shiva heard a sound while hunting in the forest, who was said to be surprised that the Voice belonged to a girl from the tribe known as Koolivaka. Lord Shiva found this girl beautiful and decided to hang out with her, but when Lord Shiva was on a hunting trip, he made this girl stay in the forest for a while until she returned.


After thinking about the god Parvati, Kulivaka realized that marrying Lord Shiva would inflame the goddess’s wrath on him; but he fears Shiva’s wrath even if he refuses. He prayed to his goddess Parvati Devi to save him from his predicament. Parvati Devi, delighted by her innocent prayer, appears before her and reveals her true identity. In his earlier birth, Kulivaka was Manasvini, a servant in Parvati’s company. One day, she happened to be breastfeeding Lord Ganesh, who was still a baby at the time. Parvati Devi does not appreciate the fact that a maid is breastfeeding her baby. She curses Manasvini that she will be born into a Chandala family. When Parvati’s anger subsided she took pity on Manasvini, then Devi Parvati continued to bless her


Born as Chandala, she was allowed to breastfeed Lord Shiva’s son. Devi reveals that it was a predetermined fate that allowed her to meet Lord Shiva and his passion for Kulivaka. He told the girl that he would take the form of Koolivaka and deceive Lord Shiva. He also told Kulivaka that the son born of such an alliance would become the assassin of Jaladhara, a powerful asura. With that, he revealed the course of fate and sent an innocent girl.


Kulivaka started swinging on the vines attached to the tree, awaiting Lord Shiva’s arrival. Lord Sri Vishnu Maya Kuticatan, a child with mystical powers, was born in their union. Lord Shiva organized a buffalo to protect his son Vishnumaya Kuticatan in India. This son of Vishnumaya Kuticatan, who came to be known as Vishnumaya Kuticatan, was given to Kulivaka for education. Kulivaka later became the mother of Vishnumaya Kuticatan son of Lord Shiva and fulfilled Parvati Devi’s wish. Vishnu Maya Kuticatan has lived with his mother Kulivaka for about seven years. The tribes loved the boy Vishnumaya Kuticatan who saved his community from many dangers.


 Vishnumaya Kuticatan started riding his buffalo and playing a musical instrument called the Ezhara. On his seventh birthday, the tribes celebrated in his honor. During the festival, Sage Narada appears and reveals the secret of his birth to Vishnumaya Kuticatan.

Narada also advised Vishnu Maya Kutti to visit his biological parents in Kailasa. He also tells Chatan the true purpose of his birth. Chatan begins his journey to Kailasam with the permission of his adoptive mother and friends. He rides his buffalo to Kailash. As he was about to reach Kailash, he realized that Nandikeswara would not let Vishnumaya Kuticatan enter Kailash in his current form. So he took the form of Lord Vishnu. When Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi saw their son’s presence, they were very happy and accepted their son.


 Lord Shiva blessed him saying, “You have summoned the form of Vishnu from Maya (magic or illusion). So they will be known as Vishnu Maya. In addition, she taught him the art of war and the secret to killing Jaladhara (the Asura who molested girls). Shiva blessed him and said: “You are summoned to all our devotees through the form of Vishnu by the black magic god Maya. So from here on, he will be known as Vishnu Maya Kuticatan and Lord Shiva taught him the art of war and the secret of killing Jaladhara (Asura who oppresses the Gods ).


 Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Temple


Jaladhara is an Asura who received a boon from Indira and terrorized the three worlds (Heaven, Patala (Underworld), and Earth). Chatan challenges him to a fight. After a fierce battle, Vishnumaya Kuticchatan took the form of Sudarsana’s chakra with Maya to behead Jaladhara. Sensing danger, he fled and hid in the sea. Chatan as chakra follows him. Due to the heat of the rapidly rotating chakra, the water where Jaladhara was hiding began to boil. Unable to stand the heat, Jaladhara appeared and was immediately beheaded. Thus ended Jaladhara. With Jaladhara’s murder, the mystical powers of Vishnumaya Chatan are recognized by the girls. Indra invited him to Heaven but Vishnumaya Swami refused to join Heaven and Vishnumaya Chatan joined the poor people who needed his protection. Vishnu Maya Kuticatan returned to his people.


Another powerful asura named Briga sees Koolivaka in the forest and wants to marry her. He came with great power and tried to catch him. Vishnumaya Chatan and his older brother Karing Kutticatan resisted the attack. Chatan was injured in the conflict. Of the blood that fell on the floor, 400 “cuticles”. Briga, feeling his instant defeat, used ten Brahmastras against Chatan, ten Kuticchatani bravely swallowed their weapons and gave up their lives. The remaining 390 Kuttichathan defeats the soldiers while Chatan kills Briga with a kuruvadi (short stick).


When a devotee worships Lord Vishnumaya Kutticatan with 48 days of Vishnumaya Mula Mantra, Vishnumaya Karma and Vishnumaya Parihara Puja are blessed by Vishnumaya Kutticatan and his 390th brothers.

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