Client Reviews

Jaya Mathesh
Hi, I am Jayalakshmi after trying many poojas and visiting many temples my problem was not solved. My Boyfriend blocked my number to we were in relationship for more than 7 years then I found this website vishnumayadirect to contact then I spoke to them on the number provided on the website. They performed my vishnumaya pooja 21 karma and asked me to perform some poojas at home I followed them after a few days I got the contact from my boyfriend and now my whole problem is solved. Thank you for vishnumaya pooja help. solved my issue in one week thanks for the help. Don't waste time for Babaji's like i did. Contact this website or call this number 9123568105. They will help people like us. Good services.
My name is Lekshmi nair I work for an IT company myself and my husband had too much of egoistic problems whereas it ended to divorce in the court but the case was not finalized actually myself and my husband was a love marriage my mother in law created a huge mess between us since 7 years we struggled a lot with family,job and social life with my kids.Actually I trust in god and used to visit many temples to get a correct solution for our life then I came across this website vishnumaya direct I spoke to them on the number they took my details and looked forward to help me to get it solved but it took three months anyway it went smoothly by performing some vazipad and poojas with vishnumaya direct and they solved my problem now we are living together happy. Thanks
Rajeswari Nagaraj
Bangalore, Karnataka
Really great service since you requested me to send the feedback for your website testimonials I am doing so now. I have been to many places in Kerala to perform some poojas to bring my husband back so far I was trying these things for 3 years but no changes in my life I was put down to earth including my family members and inlaw too then my friend suggested me to contact you for all type of any personal problems after talking to you I came out of all my issues and got my husband back in few weeks. one more week I have to complete my pooja so far 5 weeks over. thanks, and I recommend your website to all my friends. Friends if you have any problems call this website for help. True service appreciated.
Anantha Raman
Bangalore, Karnataka
Very nice to meet you sir on this link you provided to post to share my thoughts. It was a great experience with vishnumaya god and the 51 karma which you had performed for me and my girlfriend to bring her back to me for a relationship again after we broke up for 2 years now. You asked me to wait for 4 weeks after performing raja vashikarna for me and for my girlfriend now she is under full control with me. If everything goes well as you said for 3 months we plan to get married soon. Thanks for your heart touching poojas and mantras you helped me a lot I am out of depression now. I will inform my friends to contact you. Please inform me if anything else has to be done more. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Bangalore, Karnataka
Excellent service by vishnumaya poojas and the tantric's.Great work. I would appreciate it by giving me the right solutions after trying for two years in all vishnumaya temples. All are commercial I understood but after I met you you look simple and very honest. I did not expect that you can solve my relationship problem. It's completely solved only thing you don't attend my phone calls because I used to call you every day anyway nice work sir.thanks a lot for providing me a good solution for my relationship problem.Thanks.I will recommend your website to all my friends too.
Dr. Dilip kumar
Even I tried many poojas to get my girlfriend relationship by contacting many places everything was waste then I found this video on the youtube there I saw a comment about this website vishnumaya direct I called the number displayed 9345621452 that person was very soft he listens to everything which I was telling him. He asked me to do some poojas then he also did it for 21 days I got a sudden effect after doing this vishnumaya kuttichathan pooja I got my girlfriend back now we both are working in the same hospital. thank you vishnumaya
Reshmi Rao
Andhra Pradesh
I am from Andhra Pradesh myself and my boy friend were in to living together relationship for almost 5 years but we got separated for 1 year and no further contacts from him for long time,Therefore I wanted to marry him because my family knows about my boyfriend so I tried it in spritualway with vishnumaya direct they helped me to get married to my boyfriend in 3 months after doing some vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas for me also I have done some Karmam too. Today actually I am living happy because of the poojas done here.I won’t forget this ever in my life. Thanks.
Sujatha Ramakrishnan
Bangalore, Karnataka
Sorry sir I called you many times and disturbed you because of my previous experience which I did with other people for the poojas please don"t mistake me. You have shared a link 2 weeks before to post a comment on that I am posting now. Thanks very much, sir I was trying for the past one year since my engagement happened and finally my marriage was stopped after tried many poojas with some people no one helped me. Now I got my engagement fixed again on this Diwali day with the same person without any problems. Also now my marriage got fixed with the same person for this December month we already booked the hall too.thank you for your kindness and good attitude by helping people me by performing vishnumaya poojas and bagalamukhi poojas.I  am happy now. Please call me after seeing this message I am also sending this message on your WhatsApp too. If any poojas has to be done please let me know my dad is ready to do that. Thank you, sir. Bless me and my family.
Dr. Sudharshan
Bangalore, Karnataka
Though I am a doctor I don't believe in all these black magic or attracting some people by vashikarna or poojas. This website made me believe all these things when my wife left me and went for divorce were I struggled a lot with lawyers and court for 3 years. My friend gave your number to contact you sorry I spoke to you very harsh in the starting please don't keep anything on the mind as you said the case will be automatically withdrawn in 4 months by my wife and you said she will come back the automatically same thing happened here I did 91 karmas with you.I am very much happy now with my wife and my kids. Sorry I use to call you every day to check whether you are doing my pooja or not it was my curiosity and tension. Please don't mind at all. I will be always on your side will inform you about more work about my property issues in the next 2 months Thanks for the help. Posted on the link which you gave me thanks
Sujitha Mohan Dass
Very good poojas and service thanks for solving my divorce problem my business is also improved.Good work.hope vishnumaya swami will help us and guide through a good way.thank you, sir. Ohm shree vishnumaye namah. Ohm Kali Maha Kali Bhadra Kali Mashana kali Namasthuthey.