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Keerthy Reddy - Karnataka

I was very depressed when my husband got separated from me, then he applied for divorce the case was going on for a long time. I never had a solution for 1 year then when I came across this website I found many things helpful. I connected to them immediately and explained my situation. They asked me to perform some puja at home only where I performed it and got the best solution to join my husband. Thank you sir for all your help. Something Superb. Good informational website too. 

Dr. Brindha - Bangalore

Excellent service to solve divorce issues here. I was into a big issue for two years. I can't find any solution. I used this service and followed all they said. I can't imagine how quick they do or how they do it. One by one things were getting resolved. I just update them on the exact situation every Thursday. That's it they work for that particular thing and made my life very easy now. Thanks

Suma Latha - Hyderabad

I had an issue with my divorce problems and suffered a lot to resolve it but nothing went well. I contacted this site for professional help because they have information about divorce and puja. Genuine service for divorce problems I can recommend to anyone but it's a little expensive. Overall very good five stars. I trust them because they don't do commercial advertisements in google like other fake people do, like showing they are big. Thanks for helping me and my family. Good work sir. I am happy now. five stars. Suma.

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Archana - Bengaluru

I don’t know about others but my divorce case was a headache in my life after 10 years of my marriage . I never gave my husband divorce I was trying in all many ways to bring my husband home at least for the sake of my children. Here I simply was checking my horoscope by the way I contacted them here and they cleared all my problems in 3 months. Good service and powerful mantras which gives me powerful vibrations.Thank you.

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Akshaya – Chennai

I got my boyfriend back after performing a few pujas here at this place. I tried many things to bring him back but nothing worked at the time and simply wasted one year. I like this website and their service which is very good. Good professional . Good service.Thanks

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Manjunath - Bangalore

Good service and their efforts when I had a love problem from my girlfriend they solved it and they took it to marriage now. Good services. Recommended for everyone who is related to love problems where you can solve it quickly here.thank you.

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Lakshitha - Mysore

Hi, My husband left me and my son for 6 years then went to Dubai and never returned back for 3 years then on the other side he filed a case and bad things he did in my career which made me down. I was quiet even when he had a relationship with another woman. I was searching for the best astrological solution for all my problems but ended up on this website, I found everything necessary which I really needed. Everything issues related to my marriage were solved in seven weeks after performing their puja, today I am settled in Dubai with my husband happily without any issues related to our marriage. Thanks you sir.

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Roopesh - Bengaluru

I tried many places to solve my love problem after the engagement of my girlfriend but at this website they gave me correct information and instructions to follow for eleven days. As per their advice I followed it then they got my girl friend back with their family acceptance. We are getting married now in a few days.VishnuMaya and Kali puja are great at this place.

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Jaya Shree - Bangalore

Hi, I suffered a lot with my divorce problem with my husband which was not able to be resolved by lawyers for more than two years. We had too many fights after marriage which finally went for divorce but this website and their services resolved it in two months with their powerful puja with goddess kali. Great service and a good experience with these poojas. I am happy now with my husband and my child thank you sir.

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Viresh- Karnataka

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Kerala poojas at this place is excellent. I had a relationship problem with my girlfriend and completely we broke up with a huge fight. I could not bring her back in my life. I have tried many puja in different places then I lost all my hope. My friend referred me to this site. I called them and it was a clean service they provided with instructions to follow.. I did everything so far and everything went well without any issues with my girlfriend. Good service.

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Ajitha - Karnataka

I am helpless from all my relatives and my husband because of divorce problem which lasted more than two years therefore I tried many poojas and rituals at bangalore no one could help me to solve at all. I got this number from youtube then I called here he was very kind to listen all my problems then he fixed me a date to start their service for me it was really amazing the very first day it self my daughter came to meet me through my mother in law I was very excited to see my daughter thenon in the other month the court case got cancelled by my husband and his family. I am happy to say that vishnumaya and yekshi pooja are really powerful though I am happy today with my family after a long time. Thank you so much for all your best efforts sir.I always be kindful to you.

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Reshma - Dubai

I am Reshma from Bangalore now I am working in Dubai. I had a depression problems due to my relationship and divorce which was not able to tolerate or to solve the issue It was dragging for two years constantly therefore my friend suggested me to contact this website I called them to explain my situation they said they can clear it if possible in three weeks or two months if I am dedicated to their instructions. Yes, I agreed and continued to do so but I was excited that I missed this website two years before because they solved my relationship and divorce issues very shortly. If anyone needs help just contact them through whatsapp only because they don't answer first time as I tried many times in the starting.. Nice and a professional tantric I found here. Thanks for all the help. Will contact you again If I have any problems further. Thank you. 

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Purnima - Bangalore

I am Purnima from bangalore. This website helped me a lot to bring my love relationship to one month. It's the perfect one I found on the internet. Their poojas are very strong. Good work anyone can approach this website for success in life. Good luck all.

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Swathy - Bengaluru.

This is the best place to remove negativity and depression. Good and super service. I can see changes every week in my life. New things and a new future.I recommend this website for people in depression and failures in love problem.Thank you and five star


Dr.Vignesh - Bangalore

This website is for serious people with depression, divorce or family relationships because I solved my own family problems and relationship issues here by contacting them personally over the phone. He really helped me a lot with my relationship problems. Excellent service Good professionals. Thank you. Vignesh.


Parvathi Lakshmikanth - Bangalore

Good service for love and relationship issues. Don't fret with problems, call them or visit their website at for more helpful information. They are experts in puja and homa with Vishnumaya god and maha kali puja.thank you superb..


Dhanalakshmi Raghavendra - Karnataka

Firstly I would appreciate that the vishnu maya and baglamukhi pujas are really great at this website. I asked what I needed. They did it perfectly. it works for serious people only I guess. They have good mystical powers to overcome all situations through miraculous vishnumaya. Thank you.

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Sumathi - Karnataka

I used to call him many times and he won't answer sometimes but when I leave a message on whatsapp he will message me and he calls me soon. According to some other places where I went they wasted my time and money but here he is really a genuine expert and a gem of a person with his attitude to work with problems. He really helped me to bring my relationship back and made my marriage successful. Thank you. Sumathi.

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Sumanth - Andhra Pradesh

Yes, and five stars for this website.Good service and expertise in puja with ma kali and ma baglamukhi. Niice Thanks Sumanth

mohini mantra - 8

Swetha Nanda Kumar

Excellent pooja services with Vishnu Maya and Ma Kali. Trusted place to solve Love relationship problems.

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Latha Hariharan - Marathalli

Really good website to perform Vamachara Kali Pooja's for black magic removal at here. Appreciated for great help. Thank you.

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Harsha - Chennai

I had enemies at my job they kept screwing me everyday, I called this number and they took care of every issue. Great work. Jai Ma Kali

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Srikanth - Karnataka


Vishnumaya tantics from this website which I have been using their service for two years which is great. Their mantra and pooja effects really worked for me on my marriage and relationships issues between me and my girlfriend. Nothing more but trusted place. Good work compared among other places.

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Shantala Naresh

Superb poojas for divorce problems. I followed their instructions correctly. They solved it in 4 weeks. Good place with black magic removal too.

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Renukha - Bangalore

When I was depressed I called this place to overcome my depression problems because of my boyfriend issue. Thanks for great service and help.

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Gururaj Gowda - Karnataka

I tried many places in Kerala but nothing worked well. This website I just messaged them on telegram. He replied and I explained my problems therefore he said he can do it successfully. Good place. I never expected that they could do it. I understand that it's a trusted place but if he trusts you definitely he will help anyone. Just message them on the Whatsapp number and ask for Shree Ram sir. Good place to solve marriage problems. Thanks.

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Maheshwari - Rajaji Nagar

Nice place I can recommend to anyone having serious relationship and marriage problems. I just called them to solve my issue and they gave me a few instructions to follow which are amazing to see good changes in my life. Good Poojas. Thanks.

Roopesh - Australia

Good to perform black magic. They are really experts in that work. We just need to say the problems we have, he will listen first if he understands then it's okay. I explained my problems twice and he then said he can perform it. After his confirmation I started with good belief. How to say when I had a problem in my relationship which I can't explain. He resolved the issues very quickly. I just waited for a few days. Really Good practice and service. Thanks  

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Subha - Chennai

I found this site on Google. More information and more ideas.Good service to use this puja service for all complicated relationship and marriage problems in the family. Contact them via whatsapp they dont answer in the first call they work only on Friday and Tuesday. I tried many things in my life for all these problems to get it resolved. I never had anyone to help me, all fake people on the internet. They gave me and guided me with good instructions to follow it for few days and then they asked me to update on thursdays I did so.Every week when I call them I had good things to say about my life and changes which I am seeing in my life.Great and awesome puja service. Thank you.

mohini vashikaran mantra - 7

Maheshwari - Karnataka

I had many troubles in my married life for many years from day one with my husband though he had a bipolar attitude, seriously after contacting this website and using their service I found everything could be resolved. I performed a few puja with them. In three to four weeks my all eight years problems have been frozen and I am back to my life in good shape. No divorce problems or relationship issues with my husband. Great service. Information they provided to me to get rid of all the problems was very helpful. Their mantras have a very strong vibe.Thank you. Maheswari.

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