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Review 57

I am helpless from all my relatives and my husband because of divorce problem which was running for 3 years therefore I tried many poojas and rituals at kerala and bangalore no one could help me to solve at all. I got this number from youtube then I called here he was very kind to listen all my problems then he fixed me a date to start the rituals it was really amazing the very first day it self my daughter came to meet me through my mother in law I was very excited thenon in the other month the cas got canceled by my husband and his family I am happy to say that vishnumaya and yekshi poojas are really powerful though I am happy today with my family after a long time.Thank you so much for all best strong efforts sir.


Review 56

This is the best place to do black magic removal because they say what they do I had a good experience by contacting vishnumaya direct its good for people coming with all negative energy they solve it quickly .good poojas thank you.Vishwanath


Review 55

I use to call them many times they wont answer but when we leave a message on whatsapp they will call us soon.According to some other places were I went they wasted my time but here they are really super I said what I need it they performed few Yekshi poojas form me also they asked me to do some pooas here I did also but then I got my love problem got cleared in 4 weeks really its good to know about the black magic poojas and the powerful god vishnumaya too.Thank you sir for making me happy.


Review 54

I am Purnima from bangalore this website helped me a lot to bring my love relationship in 2 months its the perfect one I found on the internet their poojas are very strong.Good work anyone can approach this website for successful things in life.Complete Vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and powerful too.


Review 53

Hi I am Mamatha I have tried many things but no use I contacted a Vishnu Maya black magic tantric at 9123568105 for solving my love problems he solved it quickly. If you have problems in love you can call them for good results.


Review 52

This is a friendly website which I never seen before by performing vishnumaya pooja therefore they took my love relationship problem very personal and gave me the best solutions.I can see all positive things in my life after contacting this website my life is getting more brighter in my career and in my family life.Good website for love relationship and finance Venkat


Review 51

I am more happy to say that this website is a very professional they took all my problems personally related to love relationship ,house,family,business and health in one shot.They solved my problems one by one each week now I am totally fine here.Anyway I am writing this because I too had a chance to submit my review to his website because a true person with heavy volume of cosmic powers requested me to do so.If you people having any of the problems in life you can contact this website for good purpose and fortune.Thank you so much….


Review 50

Hi This is Ankit from Mumbai you took lot of time for my work to get complete it you said it will take 6 weeks but it took 7 weeks okay but I got my girlfriend back in to my new life again I am happy now Thank you.


Review 49

I am Midhun from Kerala,India settled In London as a business man.Once I have got separated from my wife in India I was waiting to join her for the past 10 years but even she did not filed any divorce case on me though.I don’t believe in astrology atall. One day my friend suggested me to contact you I did the same as he said therefore I explained my problems with you sir which you took my work very personal and completed it in 2 months.I got my wife back from India after the separation of 10 years.It’s really amazing which you did for my family by performing some parihara poojas and yagas with Vishnumaya god and Bagalamukhi god.Thanks for the huge support. I will be contacting you always through the Skype as we for the pooja or I will email you if I need any help from you.Good Luck!


Review 48

Sorry I called you many times everyday which disturbed you a lot more.Thank you for  bringing my girlfriend back in to relationship again, so that we can marry soon in next couple of months.Our both the parents accepted for our marriage.The other guy who was in relationship with my girl friend also completely gone.Anyway thank you for being honest always by helping me at all my situations.Sorry if I messed you by calling you many times everyday.But it took 6 weeks to bring my girlfriend back because I was expecting it in 10 days.


Review 47

I have been to India several times to VishnuMaya temple I could not see any solutions from them but then I was told by my aunt to contact this website because she saw some reviews from Australian people from here.Though I live in Australia I tried it here to solve my husbands relationship issue which he had with a women for years which I found and argued which lead to divorce and separation.Here at this website they are analysing a lot about our birth star and marriage dates and time finally they come with solution to solve it soon same way they did it for me .I have solved the whole problem in 5 weeks and now I am happy with my husband without any issues.Thank you Vishnumaya and Vishnumaya Direct.


Review 46

I am Momina from Australia after the death of my husband I moved to Australia with my children then I got married again to an Australian the life was going good for 2 years further on my second husband had a relationship with another women so I went in to depression because I was worried about my second marriage life and my children future I can’t settle in India again alone so I tried and trusted in mystical powers which can give me the right solution for my problem so I visited this website which I found it was very helpful for me.Well I contacted this website with a small hope therefore this website was helpful.They cleared my life problems,Job,My children education,House in Australia ,My husband’s problem everything in short period of time.Very very nice and very helpful.


Review 45

Am from mumbai I work for a an IT Concern for 7 years now.I got in to relationship with one person at the same company were I work now but my love was broken from him for more than a year he was not talking to me nor messaging or calling me at all. Actually we planned to get married in 2018 but after that our relationship was separated he refused our marriage but my family accepted for our marriage.I did all type of aghori poojas with huge loss of money from astrologers and babaji’s who promised me that they can solve my problem in 3 days or 24 hours but it was waste of money.I visited this website on youtube found some reviews which was equal to my problem then I contacted this website to solve my problem.The payment was very less for me to perform their poojas which I performed here.I explained about my problem they got my problem cleared in 4 weeks I got married here to the same boyfriend and we are happy now working in the same office thank u so much for the great help .please help others too.Good work


Review 44

Hello I am from bangalore living in banaswadi with my husband and family now after solving my divorce problem from long time which I was suffering.First of all thank you sir for solving my divorce problem from my husband after 5 years of separation.I joined my husband back last year after the case was closed by my husband then he joined me again.Though he had an affair with another lady for long term relationship you made that lady to go out from our life,that was a great effort by your pooja I like the way you speak and understandable.I kept a big hope on you and your vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas its really great that I won all the situations.Myself and my children are happy today because of your supernatural powers through vishnumaya. Once if you visit bangalore please contact me.Thank you so much.Dr.Usha


Review 43

Hello I am from Kerala settled in dubai with my family for 15 years then I lost my job and home since 2017 here at dubai with no hope.I struggled a lot to run my family because I lost my savings in investing in to a new business.I was unable to return to home at Kerala with my family but the final moment I was referred to this website by my friend in kerala I contacted them for my future and my family’s future they helped me providing some powerful vishnumaya mantras and 51 Karmams I completed the tasks in 41 days as they said.Now I feel I am happy and fully satisfied with my life.They lifted my business with huge profits now I am growing day by day happy with busy business hours .If anyone is under trouble here in dubai like me like I suffered you can contact this website.Thank you.


Review 42

Hi,There are lots of Vishnumaya Temples in kerala I went everywhere but no use they are just a temple were we can pray and come same like normal temples.I approached the real vishnumaya kuttichathan seva at this website who is famous in Bangalore and Kerala in which they performed me a nice pooja to me and my boyfriend to get married soon.The great website anyone can contact them at 9123568105.The bad is I was in love with my boyfriend over 5 years but in between my boyfriend’s attitude got changed and he left me and joined with another girl with love so he ignored to marry me and blocked me everywhere.The good thing was I found this website finally after I saw some reviews on youtube I contacted them they helped me a lot in good tantric poojas now I am married and settled with my husband in good terms.Thank you so much for helping me from this problem.Thank you a lot and lot sir.Sujitha Krishnan


Review 41

Happy to say this website is awesome to solve love and marriage related problems very nice to have these type of gurus and vishnumaya gods to help people fromm hard situations in human life.I am from India settled in Australia with my husband here from 2015 in mean time we had quarrels between us then got separated for 2 years .I approached many astrologers all over India but there is no point in talking to them over the phone from here. I was in to a big depression with this matter always so I got in touch with this website then they asked me to perform some poojas at home for 41 days which I did then I found everything was helpful from this website.Anyway I got my husband back without any trouble now we are happy together blessed with another kid.Dipti Aravindan.Thank you


Review 40

My name is Lekshmi nair I work for an IT company myself and my husband had too much of egoistic problems whereas it ended to divorce in the court but the case was not finalized actually myself and my husband was a love marriage my mother in law created a huge mess between us since 7 years we struggled a lot with family,job and social life with my kids.Actually I trust in god and used to visit many temples to get a correct solution for our life then I came across this website vishnumaya direct I spoke to them on the number they took my details and looked forward to help me to get it solved but it took three months anyway it went smoothly by performing some vazipad and poojas with vishnumaya direct and they solved my problem now we are living together happy.Thanks.


Review 39

I am from Andhra Pradesh myself and my boy friend were in to living together relationship for almost 5 years but we got separated for 1 year and no further contacts from him for long time,Therefore I wanted to marry him because my family knows about my boyfriend so I tried it in spritualway with vishnumaya direct they helped me to get married to my boyfriend in 3 months after doing some vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas for me also I have done some Karmam too.Today actually I am living happy because of the poojas done here.I won’t forget this ever in my life.Thanks.

Andhra Pradesh

Review 38

It’s a very responsible website to solve the relationship problems because I tried to get my divorce withdrawn from my husband from long time even my lawyer is helpful he also dragged the court case for 3 years then I was recommended by my friend to approach this website to solve the issues by performing vishnumaya poojas. I am very excited after 3 years my husband spoke to me over the phone after performing 91 vishnumaya karmam at vishnumaya direct in 2 weeks then on he said he is going to with draw the case and live together.Therefore we met again we withdrawn the case now we are living in bangalore with my kids happy.Thank you for giving me a new life again.I would suggest everyone.Thank you vishnumaya and Nagaraja swami. Rehana,Bangalore.